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Adept II

Sapphire pulse RX 6600 XT black screen driver instalation

Hi guys, looks like too many people is having issues with this type of graphic card, i bought mine last friday and i was excited, well installed the proper drivers and utility´s and everything ok, i played games aswell, but sudently every time i turn off or restart my PC i get an bug error from AMD software saying the video driver had a problem and it started graphic to run in safe mode, well i tried so many things, reinstalling using proper progrmas to do so an then every time i try to reinstall the drivers i get black screen forever  the PC still runs normally but no image even if i reboot pc the same thing happen over and over again,so i cleaned registry even format my whole PC and guess  what ? the same thing happened after installed the drivers again, latest version 28.1 the only one availabe actually, and now i can't use RX 6600 xt anymore like the first time, il do a refund but i hope AMD fix this asap for every1.

if some1 had some solution for it tell me plz

my specs are:

ASUS prime Z370-P

intel I7-8700 (8GEN)

16GB ram DDR (2400Mhz)

Corsair PSU 650W

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