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Adept II

Sapphire pulse RX 6600 XT black screen driver instalation

Hi guys, looks like too many people is having issues with this type of graphic card, i bought mine last friday and i was excited, well installed the proper drivers and utility´s and everything ok, i played games aswell, but sudently every time i turn off or restart my PC i get an bug error from AMD software saying the video driver had a problem and it started graphic to run in safe mode, well i tried so many things, reinstalling using proper progrmas to do so an then every time i try to reinstall the drivers i get black screen forever  the PC still runs normally but no image even if i reboot pc the same thing happen over and over again,so i cleaned registry even format my whole PC and guess  what ? the same thing happened after installed the drivers again, latest version 28.1 the only one availabe actually, and now i can't use RX 6600 xt anymore like the first time, il do a refund but i hope AMD fix this asap for every1.

if some1 had some solution for it tell me plz

my specs are:

ASUS prime Z370-P

intel I7-8700 (8GEN)

16GB ram DDR (2400Mhz)

Corsair PSU 650W

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The change notes of that driver version doesn't mention any compatibility with the 6000 series cards so that might be why

Since I switched to the secondary bios of the nitro, I'm on 50% success rate somewhat.




Has anyone tried installing Win11 with drivers for Win11 maybe it will help someone

Journeyman III

I have similar problem with R9 Fury since years....


From my experience with AMD cards, please remove the default Windows driver for AMD from Microsoft before installing Radeon adrenalin. All goes well after. regards

Adept I

My new Sapphire Pulse 6600 xt suffered the same issue but I solved it:

1. Open AMD radeon software

2. Go to settings

3. Go to Display tab

4. Search HDMI Link Assurance and enable it

This solves the issue, very easy.


Adept I

hello, i'm coming with an update,

i upgraded my cpu and my motherboard (from i7-6700k and asus b250 mining expert, to a ryzen 5 3600 and asus tuf b450m-pro-ll)

the situtation got much better since before i had black screens 100% of the time, now when i turn on my pc i get a black screen, but when i restart it, the gpu works,both of my monitors are getting image and i can play games and all, but i can't open AMD software, so it seems like the problem is related to a compatibility issue, since my situation got better (for now).

It looks like there are two issues being discussed in this thread.

  1. A black screen is observed after installing the drivers and on subsequent reboots.
  2. A black screen is observed after either the system or display tries to resume from sleep mode.

In order to investigate these two issues, I would appreciate it if users could submit a Bug Report, using the tool which pops up in Radeon Software.

Please provide the power supply make, model and capacity you are using.

If you are reporting a black screen issue on install/reboot, begin the description with BLACK SCREEN INSTALL or BLACK SCREEN SLEEP for the second issue.

The more information you are able to provide in the report, the easier it will be for us to debug it.

If you provide your email address in the report, please respond to this thread so that we can quickly locate your submission.

I appreciate it.

Hello Matt, 

Thank you very much for looking into this issue!
I confirm, there are two issues discussed in this thread. 

1. When I turn on my PC I can see the Windows 10 startup screen with the Windows logo and the circle made of dots for a brief moment before the screen goes dark and the monitor reports ‘no signal’. I assume that Windows is still running fine in the background but I am not 100% sure. Pressing the power button for a few seconds until the PC turns off and quickly pressing the button again, resolves the issue and the PC starts normally. Last week this happened almost every day while the week before the PC started fine most of the time. It remains unclear why this happens so randomly.

2. The PC goes into sleep mode and the monitor remains dark after pressing a button or moving the mouse.
This however, only happens after a longer period of time! If the monitor goes dark after 15 minutes and I click a button after maybe 20 or 30 minutes the PC is operational as usual. If I stay away from the PC for more than an hour, it does not come back to life. What’s strange is that the PC also goes into sleep mode if I disabled sleep mode. 
I am aware of two methods to adjust sleep more. 

a) energy options via system control
b) energy options via Windows settings. (click on Windows button and then on settings, etc.)

I don't know if there's a third way to disable sleep mode.

As for bug reports, it's impossible to send a bug report for issue 1. because the screen remains dark and we can't access Windows. As for issue 2., I submitted two bug reports during recent weeks. I don’t remember the exact days, sorry. The error message said that Windows was unable to load the Radeon graphic driver and I should restart the PC. I don't recall the exact wording but this was the message. I did add my email address so maybe you can find them.

Today, I kept my PC running in order to produce bug no. 2. Unfortunately/fortunately this did not happen. Murphie's law! I deliberately wanted to reproduce the error and it did not occur! 

My Rig:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
RAM: 24 GBytes DDR4
Mainboard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE
Display: AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, Sapphire Nitro+
Radeon Driver: Version 21.11.1
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, Professional 64-bit, Version 21H1, (Build 19043.1348)
Monitor: Viewsonic XG2402, Gaming Monitor, FreeSync, 144 Hz, connected via Display Port

Hi matt i have a powercolor hellhound 6600xt that has had the cold boot black screen (no display) problem since the day i bought it at launch. I have tied everything short of replacing my power supply to fix the problem. it booted first time today and did showed that the driver had crashed on first boot but did let me into windows. I submitted a report with my email. If you could take a look for me that would be awesome thanks in advance.


did you remove the old drivers correctly

did you disable fast boot?


This is a strange problem. 

I already recommended to everyone to disable fast boot, do "DDU" and stuff. Mine worked for almost 4 months flawlessly. THis week the problem started to happen again.

I really love this card. But shame on AMD and shame on manufacturers. None has even considered the amount of complaining to even try to find a fix. They just give generic answers. Not a driver fix, not a bios update, nothing. We are just being ignored!

This crap is completely random and nobody is listening. I think we have to deal with this till the day we sell or burn the board!

Yeah, my next build is probably a couple years away, but unless there are improvement, it won't include any AMD products.  The new power supply made boots flawless for a few days, now it happens again about every 10 boots or so, which is still a vast improvement, but shouldn't be happening.  I'm thinking the whole world's manufacturers are just pushing things out and skipping some quality checks because of the "everything" shortages (and not just with computer products).

Good decision. 

Not applicable

When I connected my new screen with the DisplayPort, the PC had to be started several times before I could open Windows. It continued so irregularly, I switch everything off via the power strip after shutting it down. When restarting Windows, booting always ran normally, which puzzled me. If I switch on the power via the socket, I now wait with the PC start button until the display has come on, then the DP is always recognized and the PC starts up normally. This never happened with my old screen.


Welcome to the party where all kind of weird and unreasonable things happen and you get zero official response from the manufacturer except a guy called matt that people are emailing for some reason. 

Best We can give you is avoid sapphire if you can and get a really really good psu maybe that fixes it. 

Tried everything on this thread - various driver versions, ddu and reinstall, pci settings in bios, turning off fast startup settings in bios and windows, turning off any xmp or oc, changing cables, cable types, monitors - and nothing helped.

The issue was terrible, a lot of times i had to restart 10+ times to get the driver to load and have image on screen (as opposed to some users which apparently can do it in 1-2 restarts).

Then I changed my psu and the blackscreen on boot issue disappeared.

Gpu: Sapphire Nitro+ 6600 XT

Cpu: i5 10600k no OC

Mb: gigabyte z590d

Ram: 2x 8gb kingston fury renegade 3200mhz

1x nvme ssd, 1x 7200rpm hdd, 5x 120mm case fans, 1 Aerocool cylon 4 cpu cooler

Old PSU : Redragon RGPS 600W 80+ Bronze

New PSU: Seasonic  Focus GX 750W 80+ Gold

Admittedly the old PSU was low end, but as several of you pointed out, 600W should be more than enough to power a system like mine (I even tried silly things like unplugging all case fans and the hdd to see if this helped, but no use)
Leaving this here as one more testimonial towards "changing the psu shouldn't help, but it does".
Not applicable

You should be around 150 watts above the specified minimum with the power adapter, then that's a safe bet. The quality is also important, the higher as Gold + means that the indicated performance is almost reached (-5%) and stable components are used. Much more in our case (1000+) I think is unnecessary. As with you, I also selected my power supply, a GiBy Aorus 750 Watt Gold +, also because of my CPU Threadripper 1900X 8 Core with 180 Watt.
When switching on, the PC runs at full load for a short time, which is why there are some problems with low power supplies.


Sapphire Nitro 6600xt. Ok solved it for me, changed PSU, instantly loaded drivers and ran no problems, black screen previously every time  I tried to install drivers on  new psu. Note PSU that worked was LOWER wattage, 650 compared to 700w

Background; Bought components for new build, 5600x, MSI B550 A pro, 16gb Ballistix, Lian Li 215 case, EVGA 700w PSU. Already had Sapphire Nitro 6600xt in 10 year old old phenom rig. Built up post xmas Installed Win 10 pro. Everything booted up and ran fine until I tried to install AMD GPU driver, Black screen 1min into install refused to boot windows up after that. Tried all the reinstall, DDU, disable update, different driver versions, fixes nothing worked black screened same place every time. remembered it had worked fine on old system and saw some posts referencing PSU issues/fixes. Took 650watt Powercool 650 AUABA-M from old system plugged in. Installed driver and ran card  perfectly no issues. PHEW!

So only differences I can see: powercool, Dual Rail 12v, EVGA single rail 12v, Max watts 3.3v and 5v rail, Evga 150w, Powercool 179w, Evga not modular, Powercool Modular. It could have been any single factor or combination of factors that caused the problem. So I am looking for a Modular, Multiple rail, PSU preferably with more than 150 wats on 3.3 and 5v rail. Hope this helps, it drove me up the friggin wall.

  • Nitro+ start game and blackscreen, no blackscreen on office & multimedia

Merc rund strees test for 2h and after I close it the stress test > blackscreen > dont turn on anymore

After I get blackscreens on Linux, I send the Merc back and dont use the PC anymore. One day later I find this:

"Please make sure you balance the load across the 12 volt rails 12V3 und 12V4: 

When using two PCIe cables, connect PCIe 1 and PCIe 3 

When you only need one PCIe cable, connect PCIe 2"

PSU: 750W be quiet! Straight Power 11

With old chipset from Februar 2021 and 28.1.1 it works without any issue after that.

Today I get 2 new NVMe drives and I will clean install Windows and Linux. I don't know which chipset and Adrenalin to install.

"Please make sure you balance the load across the 12 volt rails 12V3 und 12V4:

When using two PCIe cables, connect PCIe 1 and PCIe 3

When you only need one PCIe cable, connect PCIe 2"

PSU: 750W be quiet! Straight Power 11

With old chipset from Februar 2021 and 28.1.1 it works without any issue after that."

This is why I read this forum on my free time, and am glad I can search it.

So these newer 6600 series cards even on new PSUs like the 750 W be quiet!, which is a great power supply running with my 6700 XT, but if I use it on a 6600 XT I could have problems, and have to make sure to use ONLY CERTAIN 12V CABLES? This really is getting to be beyond any reasonable person thinking PC "standards" mean anything at all! They should work fine together without having to specify the cable!

I can understand when you want to use two cables to isolate it, or when it is single volt rail, but this is getting too complicated, and makes troubleshooting a nightmare.

I hope picture upload work here.It shows you the problem with 12V4 + 12V4 and 12V3 + 12V3 - for 6600XT I need 12V3 + 12V4, like in the picture below.


One cable (with 1x or 2x 8 pin) in PCIe 1 or PCIe 3 = blackscreen with or without load, on Windows and on Linux. 

In PCIe 2 slot no blackscreen.

I also need to turn down the PC and wait, after that no issue in any kind way.

Today I install 2 new NVMe drives and install fresh Windows 10 + Linux. After that I install chipset and reboot, than  Adrenalin 21.10.2 Recommended (WHQL) and play 2h without any problem.

I bet it's the power supply. My Nitro+ 6600XT crash on load and my MERC 6600XT crash after load (when I close the benchmark).

Before that I use VEGA 64 Nitro+ and RX5700 Pusle without any issue. I go with AMD because of Linux.

I would like to thank everybody who contributed finding this insight. After reading the latest posts from cas1, Harry3699, mume and andman I checked my PSU manual. I am using a be quiet! Pure Power 10 500W with 80 Plus Silver PSU. The PSU has two PCIe rails. I switched the PCIe supply from first to second on Monday evening January 3. 2022. Up to today, Sunday 9. 2022 no more black screens occurred. So, what’s the difference?

This is from the manual. It also contains the values for the 700W, 600W and 400W models. I'm using the 500W PSU.


I am not an electrician but as far as I understand the first PCIe line has 28A and the second line has 20A. Is that correct?

If so, why is there no international standard for power supply for PCI Express graphics cards?
How can it be that the second line has a lower amperage?
And why do PSUs manufactures add PCI express rails with different capacities?

Why can't the Sapphire Nitro+ handle the higher amperage? Is that a design error?
If so, why did nobody notice?

So, the problem is the PSU. But it’s not related to the required power for the system. It’s related to the power required to start the graphic card or awaken it from sleep mode. Do you agree?

You guys are all might be onto something - perhaps this is something that really affects Be Quiet! PSU owners?

@Chane :

So if I read your comment correctly, you plugged your GPU into the 12V2 PCI-E source and since then, your card stopped doing black screens? And since then, you experienced no faults under high load?

Would you be so kind to take a photo of the back of your PSU (where the cables are coming from) and share it here?

I would also like to understand the root cause of this problem but since I'm no electrician, I have no idea why it helps (in Chane's case) to connect something from a higher Amperage (28V) to the lower one (20V)? I'm in a somewhat similar situation, only that I am using the Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 400W which has 24V and 20V rails.


Yes, Kobest, that's right. I plugged the GPU into the 12V2 PCI-E source and since then no more black screens occurred. All games are running fine. No problem whatsoever.

I will not share a photo because I have a modern case where the PSU is installed at the bottom. In order to take a photo, I would need to open the back plate and unscrew the PSU to get to the cables. That's what I did when switching the cable but I won't do it again just to take a photo, sorry.

The be quiet! Pure Power 11 400W is of course less powerful than the 500W PSU but maybe it works too. As mentioned earlier in this thread I ran a test with a wattmeter and my PC used 275 Watt while playing Assassin's Creed Origins with maximum details and this included the monitor. I don't know how much extra power PSUs are supposed to provide but maybe it also works with a 400W PSU. Just give it a try.


@Chane : Thank you for your quick reply!

I know what you mean, don't worry about the photo.

I think I will try it with my Be Quiet Pure Power 11 400W simply because my whole system (R5 3600, 2x8GB DDR4 3200Mhz, and the GPU) should not consume more than around 320W-350W of power.

I am still using my GTX 1660Ti, but perhaps I can get my Sapphire Pulse RX 6600XT in February for some testing. I will give it a shot!


So it turns out that I cannot get back the RX 6600 XT for testing, too bad! But these are great news for you guys. Let us know if the card is working well in the coming weeks!


Look at my picture. There are 3 slots:

1. 12V4 -12V4

2. 12V3 - 12V4

3. 12V3 - 12V3

In slot 2 working perfect, in 1 or 3 = black screen. But thats bothing new. For example my X470 board from MSI. A ASUS Vega 56 (just Asus) will never work with MSI X470 board, just black screen.

My 6600XT Nitro+ get black screens when you start a benchmark or a game and my 6600XT Merc get black screen when you done with gaming or benchmarking.


Hi Matt,

I'm having same the same issue and reported it.

Kindly find my spec below:

Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M Aorus Pro Motherboard
Ram: Klevv KD48GU880-32A160X CRAS X RGB Gaming 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 11 500W CM Power Supply
HDD: SanDisk Extreme Pro 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD
CPU: Intel Core i5 11400F
GPU: PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Fighter 8GB RDNA 2

Thanks in advance.


Who's this Matt you're all talking to? And is he helping? 

Adept II

Just registered to add my name to the list here.  I just got a new Sapphire Pulse RX 6600 (no XT).  I’ve spent hours and hours over the last two days to try to get the black screen on boot to stop.  I’ve read through all 25 pages posted here over the last three months and tried every suggestion.  Nothing has worked.  It seems to randomly operate normally and then just doesn’t.  Every driver on my system is the latest available as of today, including chipset, graphics and BIOS.

MSI B550 Gaming Plus motherboard

32GB Kingston RAM


Ryzen 5 5600x CPU

Windows 10 most recent version, fully updated

EDIT:  This is all on an Acer monitor.  It gives me the “input not supported” message.  So I think that sometimes the card is putting out a signal (it doesn’t say “no connection detected”) but the monitors can’t read it.  I hooked it up to an old Samsung from back when LCD HDMI monitors first came out, cleaned all the closet dust off, and it works perfectly!  Might be a resolution or refresh rate that modern tech isn’t made to use?  I don’t see card drivers fixing this problem since it happens before they can even be loaded up.  It’ll have to be fixed with chipset software, BIOS or even vBIOS updates.

Not applicable

Welcome to the club. If you've tried everything so far and it works with the old monitor, that's annoying. Have you switched the PCI Express from Auto to Gen 3 or 4 in the BIOS and deactivated the turbo mode / quick start? Manufacturer monitor driver and correct video input set. Otherwise I would assume that the graphics card is not OK. is.


Thanks for the response.  Yeah, I tried those suggestions, no change.  I would say based on the number of complaints about this issue, it's not a problem with what we as users are doing.  It's either a hardware or software issue.

I can 99% assure you it's saphire, every single person who I asked using other brands (mostly msi) have zero problems while almost everybody who have the boot blackscreen problem is sapphire.


Ps the other brands who have blackscreens are not reboot related but sleep mode related.

Long shot but says in the drivers blackscreens maybe caused by enhanced sync try disabling it whenever your pc manages to boot. 


Here's the error I'm getting when it blackscreens on powering up the PC.

Device PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_73FF&SUBSYS_E4471DA2&REV_C7\6&34cb7c20&0&00000019 had a problem starting.

Not applicable

This issue often occurs when upgrading driver versions of the "optional" over a previous or the windows installed drivers werent uninstalled by you first in safe mode then reboot to safe mode again to install the new ones without internet to ensure that the windows doesnt try put its drivers in automagically!

you NEED adrenaline software for AMD drivers to function as intended. Or you cant change RGB/YCBCR or integer scaling or do things like disable HDCP should you need to or adjust color temps and HDMI scaling and other super super ultra hyper important things. Not just that you cant adjust tesselation levels or set texture quality to High or override antialiasing to adaptive 8x EQ or supersamping 8x EQ.

Theres importantly a tool called AMD cleanup-utility run that to uninstall and it should take you to safe mode to remove them. Then you having previously already downloaded new driver will then install  after rebooting into safemode again. click start go to shutdown or restart menu buttons and hold down the SHIFT key and click it to get option of advanced startup so you can boot to safe mode.

I suggest you also do a factory reset on the drivers each time, as each game has its own profile but often when you put the drivers in it wont detect the game or something tries to stop AMD drivers from working. But theres another simply obvious issue or flaw it could be, Your display and GPU may have been in freesync. then u uninstall drivers.. no more freesync.. then display is black blank must swap to entertainment mode again with TV remote or monitor buttons. Then complete install new drivers before windows sneaks in its own basic limited barebones ones thats pretty quick as harder for retard criminals to ruin but lacks all functionality and features and with the adrenaline your GPU can game worlds faster. You also may have been in HDR mode or had a custom colorspace profile ICC file loaded with different gamma and some applications may go totally black or blank and refuse to display at all such as "steam beta client" in wide gamut and HDR viewing conditions. And you may need to roll back to "ancient DOS steam client"

Adept I

Hi guys

I've posted on the beginning of this post and I also had this problem. But yeah, 3 months later I am coming here to say I never had this problem again, everything is doing fine flawlessly.

I am on 21.10.2 but the problem stopped happening even before that version. 

There is one thing I remember I did right after the last black screen: I deactivated "fast start" in WINDOWS (not in BIOS) in the energy settings and since then, never happened again.

I dont know if this is related but maybe can help some of you.


Good luck for everyone and I hope this fix your cards too.


After 4 months I finally,  finally solved the problem, it was the power supply
The pc starts perfectly even in a cold start and also from standby mode.
I'm very exhausted from the whole thing, I always thought it was the driver.

The PURE POWER 11 FM 750W from -be quiet- has a very fast response time, after which I chose and solved the problem. I am extremely disappointed with Sapphire, who announced at the time that it was the driver from Amd. That is not true, the RX 6600XT places high demands on the power supply, they keep it behind the scenes because it pisses off buyers.

 I hope that Amd Sapphire will also play the part because the only one who cares is Amd. This is translated with google, I hope you understand everything.

I am very happy that it is finally over and everything goes Good luck to you

Never head of a power supply response time I don't think that's a thing. 

BUT you're actually not the first one! You and other issues were fixed by getting a good power supply so that might be it maybe something with the power control in sapphire cards. 


I'm upgrading from an 850 watt bronze to a 1000 watt platinum today.  I'll let you know if it helps or not.

Lol overkilling an overkill. Meanwhile most people are running these with 500-550w psus.

Can't wait to see if that helps.