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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7, Vega 8 embedded, 4 gb of DDR4, GPU maxed in Firestrom viewer

I use Firestorm for OS and SL access. I have a Ryzen 7 4700G with embedded Vega 8, 3.6 GH
8 GB of DDR4
HP, right about a year old
Today, I am trouble shooting. I seem to have chronically terrible lag and peformance in OS and SL. I have updated to the recommended drivers for my GPU. When I go to "Can I run it?", I am well exceeding minimum specs for running both of these products. 

I have disabled all the hogs on my bg. (Well, except the AMD, HP, and MS functions - don't get to call that one.) 

Right now, I am just sitting in OS, on my region. I am running at 9.4. There is no one here, and it is not script heavy. Everything is rezzed. View distance 128. I am even running my AO as native in the browser. 

My CPU is running 14%. My memory is at 78%. Here is a snapshot of my GPU. GPU in FS.png

I welcome any thoughts or advice. Other than "get a new machine"

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