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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 4700U HP Laptop screen Artifacts / Garbage

WINDOWS 10 PRO 1903 / 21H2, tried both with latest updates.

GPU Drivers: Latest from AMD and HP support, tried both. It doesn't happen with basic windows drivers, only when I install the drivers it starts acting up.

Bought this slightly used HP Pavilion 15 Eh000, from day 1 saw these display artifacts on screen while doing intensive tasks with Adobe softwares. It only happens while plugged in, not on battery. Doesn't happen with stress tests.


Troubleshooting: I've tried 2 different HP adapters. It came with 65w, now using 45w. It has decreased the artifacts but not gone.

Tried latest windows 10 21h2 and 1903. Tried latest drivers from Amd and Hp both. Did DDU before reinstalling drivers.

Disabled virtualization and hyper V. Disabled freesync and other enhancements in radeon software.

New and old drivers of gpu and chipset tried. Latest bios updated.

Nothing seems to fix it. Help?

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