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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 4650G

hi first of i just bought Ryzen 5 4650G with MSI  B450 Pro-VDH Max , 16GB ram , so the issue is from the first day i used the pc it keep crashing and close app which i use such as emulators since thats my main usage of the pc not the single player games or other types just emulators is my usage , so it crash the windows and restart alot during playing , i opend GL option on radeon software setting since its needed for emulator also my A-xmp is on , tried both ways same issue , and i even went to replace all parts 3 days ago , same problem restarting with no reason , below will be some photo of what i had past week , i really need help with this i cant play anything without restarting ... 1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png7.png8.png9.png

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Adept II

enable vt update bios It's happened  when u was using a Android Virtual Device. Check if you are using other virtual machine at the same time.


its already on since all emulator asks for it , still the issue that the pc keeps restarting with no reason and all the errors lately says windows wasn't properly shutdown so im confused whats wrong .... notice that i changed GPU , Ram 3 days ago at 29/6 but still im facing this issue even with different new parts ..