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Journeyman III

ryzen 3 pro 4350g new world fps problem

Hi, i have a big problem with IGPU from my cpu 

main problem is that gpu have about 12gb total gpu memory (8dedicated+4shared)

but when i playing my gpu using 100% but that gpu memory usage is about 2g/12g

i think thats the main problem that makes the game low fps even in lowest setting

i did update all of drivers and optimized everything

just in case i think my cpu have a power supply issue but i don't know how much that cpu need power with igpu

after all of that work i got 30fps instead of 20 thats really bad that i play on lowest setting but still can't have about 50 fps that should be playable 

my pc :
motherboard: asus tuf gaming a520m+

cpu : ryzen 3 pro 4350g
gpu :  ryzen 3 pro 4350g igpu

ram :16g about 2100 mh (8gb usable / 8gb on igpu)

checked performance and my igpu vram using 2gb/12gb

about 30W power consumption cpu 6W power consumption in main menu of game

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The Vega 6 based built in solution is not enough to play New World. Here are the hardware requirements @ 

X570 Taichi, Ryzen 3600XT, 32G of F4-3400C16D-16GSXW, XFX RX5700, NH-D15, Fractal Design R5, SilentWings 3 case fans, Intel 660P M.2 1T, WDS256G1X0C M.2 256G

Generally 2GB is the maximum amount of assigned vRAM MEMORY to a IGPU in BIOS Settings.  Basically BIOS is removing 2GBs of System RAM MEMORY and giving it to the IGPU to use exclusively.

You can try and see at what settings you can run that specific game with the hardware you have if possible by clicking on the links below " Can I Run It" gaming sites:

I inputted your Hardware description (Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G, Radeon Vega 6, & 16GB RAM) and this is the result for New World Game:

Screenshot 2021-09-29 123756.png

You will need to install a good or newer type of GPU Card to be able to play New World and most of today's latest games.

At SystemRequirements if mentions with your hardware you can only play 222 games out of over 1000 games.