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Journeyman III

RX6900XT Colourpower reference model sucking only 270w

Hi Gents and Ladies, 

I recently bought an RX6900xt, and although everything runs fine I notice that the power the card uses on rage mode is no more than 270 w, I know the card pushes to 300w, so I'm wondering is it normal?

Also, let's keep in mind LOol that I'm not using the recommended PSU I am on a 700w PSU. 

So please share if you counter with the same problem, I have been having a good performance with the card at 1440p. 


Hope everyone has a blast of 2021. 

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Adept III

Have you manually adjusted the power slider to +15% offset? I have the gigabyte reference 6900xt and the amd reference 6800xt and it will limit to 260-270 unless you manually increase the power limit

Thank you, I was wondering why the reviewers have 300 or even more. I did a test and got to 295 w now, but there's was no increase in performance. I will leave it on rage mode. 


Thanks very much.


300W is the total board power.  Software only reports estimates of GPU power usage, not the rest of the board.  You'd need to use hardware power monitoring tools to figure out what the board is actually consuming.



lower the voltage from 1175w down to something like 1050 or 1060 and you should see more power draw to 300w