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Journeyman III

RX6700XT performance problems

Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for my possibly bad English.


I bought and installed the "Powercolor RX6700 XT Fighter"  a few days ago.

My operating system and the GPU drivers are up to date. When I play my games, some of them have performance and sometimes graphics errors. In Fortnite I have to play in the "DX12" settings to get reasonably good FPS. However, the FPS drops to 40, 60 instead of 144 FPS in between for no reason. Before that I had the GTX1660 with this one there were never such FPS drops. I completely rebooted the computer and reinstalled everything. With Warzone 2.0, FPS drops are less common, but I tend to get some graphic errors.


CPU: AMD R5 5600x


MAINBOARD: MSI B550 Gaming Plus (BIOS Updated)

RAM: Kingston FURY Renegade DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3600, CL16-20-20 (KF436C16RB1K2/32)

RAM runs XMP Profil 1

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"I completely rebooted the computer and reinstalled everything"

Does this mean you reinstalled Windows and everything from scratch using a USB stick?

Your new GPU if a lot more power hungry. What is your power supplies brand, model and wattage?

Did you install driver from AMD's website and have you checked your monitors refresh rate from settings as if you have not, it is likely 60Hz.


I reset windows via settings and there you could have windows automatically reinstalled.

PSU: 650 Watt NZXT C Series C650 Modular 80+ Gold

Downloaded and installed the drivers from the "AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Drivers & Support" Website. published 08 December 2022

refresh rate is set from 60,00 to 144,00Hz


Do you mean you downloaded drivers from 

Your PSU is borderline, but I think it is likely not the problem, though can't be sure.

There are so many Windows refresh/reinstallation option available, it is difficult to say, but what I trust is a clean install from USB stick... Just remove everything from disk partitions to files and start from beginning. I do realize it is a lot of work though, so maybe not as first option.

Not sure where games save their caches, so problem could be on same drive as game and require either checking game files are not corrupted or simply uninstall and reinstall games with issues.

I think it was Hardware Unboxed channel in youtube where they said that in some cases, you need to reinstall Windows every time you change CPU or everything works... But performance is not there. So much happens under the hood, it is just sometimes easier to reinstall everything from scratch than try to diagnose individual problems. It is a brute force approach, but often works.