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Hello, I had a problem that I think was solved,
it was that my pc was stuck with the smallest task
that it did, (I think it was solved) but another
one arrived, this other one causes all my games to
crash after 5 or 10 minutes of game, I would like to
think that it is the graph since in crystal disk it 
says that my SSD is at 95% and my HDD at 100 (good), 
already and tried installing the chipstet, 
reinstalling drivers, defragmenting disk, 
updating bios and nothing, I hope that someone can help
 me. D: Sorry for my english xd SPECS: AMD Ryzen 5 3600  RX590 8gb vram shapphire nitro +  16gb ram dual chanel 3600mhz (set to 2666)  Asus B450 plus  250GB KINGSTONE SSD  HDD SEAGATE 2TB 7200RMP BARRACUDA  COOLER MASTER 500W V3 ELITE
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