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Adept I

RX580s Brands and models advice?

Gigabyte, Asus, Sapphire, XFX

How are these brands in terms of reliability? rma is little bit different in shop here so im not sure I should include it in my decision making.

There are so many different opinions on forums for every brand out there that Im really lost in it.

Got sapphire for year, could not fix it in any way so i RMAd it. Im  let down by sapphire not lasting at all, so even though its cheapest Im hesitant to buy it again.

I was running 3870 gigabyte for over 10 years, gaming a lot before that. I know I might be one of kind with experiences like that.

Maybe 8 gigs version since games want more and more but still I play in 1080p @60hz and will for some time.

Models i consider are these:

  • GIGABYTE AORUS RX 580 8GB (Wanted the XTR version but its not availabable anywhere here)
  • €389.90
  • XFX GTR-S Radeon RX 580 8GB BLACK Limited Edition ( if it ever gets stocked again, doubtful)
  • XFX GTS Radeon RX 580 8GB BLACK Edition  €382
  • (not sure about this one since IRead GTS Is budget tier)
  • SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 OC 4GB (that insanely power hungry 8+6pin model!)
  • €325.90

really like the use of copper heatpipes on GB and XFX models in comparison to Al on sapphire.

or there is also variant of Aorus 570 4GB for €310 but its without Far Cry coupon and with prices so close I Dont think the 570 is worth it.

There are also like 2 models of Sapphire with different prices. One has 7000Mhz for €325 and other 8000Mhz memory clock for €350, not sure if 1000Mhz is worth €25 difference.

Im not sure about Asus since those are most expensive and prices already bad in scarcity market of mining craze.

I know I could order from Spain or Germany but sending them cards for warranty is not for me so im sticking to local shops.

Or there is also option of waiting for RX 600 series but I have no idea when or for how much.

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Found a couple of Websites the shows the Best RX 580 cards for 2018: and Best RX 580 Graphics Card 2018 [UPDATED] - Buyer's Guide .

Read the reviews and then google the card that you are interested in purchasing. Read all the Reviews from sites like Amazon or Newegg. The Customer Reviews from sites like Amazon I tend to place more importance with the One or Two Star Reviews. This gives me an indication of any major common issues Users are having with the product. Also consider the type of Warranty from the Manufacturer. I have a Asus GPU card that has a Three year Warranty and it is transferable to new owners if you sell the card. Seems like you are from Europe, so Warranties may be different than here in the USA.

Adept I

Sapphire is one of the best.

Asus, Gigabyte, XFX are also very good.

Don`t buy MSI, had many broken cards from them AMD and Nvidia cards.


thats the thing with Sapphire that when I was buying it, it was hailed as best brand but when I was trying to fix the problems people wrote to me that sapphire is worst brand


Sapphire's Warranty is at best poor compare to others. According to Sapphire, you need to take the GPU to the place of purchase for RMA  purposes. From what I heard from other Users, if the they can't fix it , they will refund you pro-rata the cash amount of the GPU instead of replacing it.

At least, here in the US, most GPU cards are either repaired or replaced with a refurbished unit. Normally the GPU is RMA to the manufacturer's repair site. I believe that Sapphire and Powercolor have similar Warranties.


"According to Sapphire, you need to take the GPU to the place of purchase for RMA  purposes."

Law here is exactly like that, when its still under EU mandatory 2 year warranty after that it goes to manufacturer no idea who since I dont think we have any gpu service around here closest would be Poland or Hungary ones IF they got them.

"if the they can't fix it , they will refund you pro-rata the cash amount of the GPU instead of replacing it."
thats what I was told at shop but I dont think its sapphire exclusive but shops policy, seems we have the bad warranty service here because I did not hear of anyone getting replacement card around here.
Its just that I dont want to RMA card every year or so.


I purchased a Asus GPU card here in the USA.

Here is Asus Warranty explanation from Asus Support concerning GPU cards.

Graphic Card Warranty Policy

A Limited Warranty is offered on Asus branded hardware products. This Limited Warranty does not cover any software applications or programs; non-Asus products or non-Asus branded peripherals.

Asus guarantees that the Asus Graphic Card that you have purchased is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. The Limited Warranty Period starts from the date of purchase. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase, is your purchase date proof. You may be required by your Purchase Site or Asus Authorized Service Providers to present a proof of purchase as a condition of receiving warranty service. You are entitled to a hardware warranty service if a repair is required within the Limited Warranty Period.

During the Limited Warranty Period, Asus will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective component. All spare-parts or module removed under this Limited Warranty become the property of Asus.

This is just for you to compare the difference between Sapphire and Asus Warranties.


Sapphires varies country to country same warty here in NZ need to RMA it back to where you purchased. I went for Sapphire because its cheaper but they make strong cards. I was lucky I got a good card just be warry. I stick to Gigiabyte/ Asus mainly best cards I have used Sapphire for price to preformance is still worth it, I know sapphire terms for RMA have been changing for country to country. I have to dig my warranty card out.

Adept I

Im currently deciding between two final choice both sapphires. but one has 8400Mhz memory clock and other 8000, how much is that difference in % or fps for games?


A lot of people have stated that MSI Radeons aren't good but I really like the GamingX cards in particular; I actually prefer them over the Sapphire NITRO cards. They are quieter and feel of better quality. I'm not sure how they handle their RMA process though.

Typically, I'd try for a Sapphire out of the gate but I'd also be content with ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI. I've only owned one XFX Radeon and it was a old HD 5970, so I can't really make any claims there.


I would consider GamingX if I could but thanks to nvidia GPP, gamingx is not available for AMD anymore and you can only get armor from now on

Also to my first question does someone know of the memory clock differences I can barely find anything on internet about it.


Well, GPP was recently terminated so, like suggested below, that line of cards may return. From experience they are good cards but I'm not sure if AB support has kept up with recent drivers. That was typically the only 3rd party application that I used and would recommend but the newest versions of Wattman have worked very well for me. I had used Sapphire Trixx on a couple of NITRO/Pulse cards as well but, if you can, stick with Radeon Settings.


You never know they might bring that range back. I got 2 Gigiabytes Radeons atm & they been prety good as well my personal PC videocard is a Sapphire Pulse RX series they prety good I had a decent run so far but had good experience with Gigabyte as a brand even Asus are prety reputable. Just word of advise is just dont load up there 3rd party software always run AMD software directly from AMD.

Journeyman III

ok so dont know if am posting in the right place here but needed to share my oc and temps

gpu clock-1365mhz

memory clock-8400mhz

stable with temps not rising past 70 degrees celsius.

this is the gigabyte aorus rx 580 8gb version