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Journeyman III

Rx580 util keeps going from 100 to 0 or luxating

My gpu util keeps stuttering from 100 to anywhere down to 0 during gaming and it causes my games to lag, the only 2 games it doesn't happen to is valorant and dota but these games do have quite low fps to what they are meant to have. Even while idling the gpu util is 0 and jumps up randomly. 

This problem started out of nowhere and i have been trying everything to fix it even completely factory resetting my computer which hasn't worked. I have also made sure every single driver is up to date. This problem happened to me a few months ago and not being able to find a fix i have stopped using my computer but i am determined to fix it so anything is appreciated.


Rx580 8gb

ryzen 5 2600

16gb ddr4 ram

600w psu 


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