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Journeyman III

RX580 ROG Strix 8GB Freezing

Hey all, I'm at my wits end

The Situation:

So the behavior started occasionally and has progressed to more frequent freezing. When it happens, it locks up my mouse and keyboard, sometimes the lights go out, but not always. All three monitors freeze, and I can only regain access via hard restart. This has happened in games, out of games, just after logging in and before I ever picked my OS. It is random and I haven't been able to identify a trigger that I can test more accurately with besides simple use.

Things I have tried:

I have installed the latest AMD radeon software. The issue persisted both with and without the software

I also tried updating my mobo's software and drivers just in case, no change

I checked event viewer and there are no windows events related to the freeze at the time of the occurrence, only showing the hard restart after.

I have tried erasing windows entirely and starting as new, the issue persisted after only installing mozilla onto it

I have tested with a new (super old) graphics card and tested it for hours, no issues whatsoever.

Machine Specs:


Ryzen 7 2700x

16GB Corsair DDR5 Memory

RX580 ROG Strix 8GB

No overclocking done

I'm just really running out of things to try, please help

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