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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

RX580 Problems

A few months ago I saved up and bought a new XFX 580, the 8GB one, it worked perfectly for like 2-3 months. I used it only for school and some light gaming - Rocket League and like, 2-3 hours of RDR2 in total, everything was perfect. Then one day I come home, turn my PC on and the screen is black, okay, I restart it, still black. I plugged the HDMI in the integrated GPU - works. Okay, I thought I'll try to reinstall the drivers, I uninstalled them and when I tried installing them back the software said there isn't any AMD hardware recognized. The fans on the GPU start spinning when the PC turns on, a Blue LED turns on too. The GPU still isn't recognized. Im not sure what solutions to try. I've googled a lot and haven't found anything that works. There aren't any PC repair shops that work on GPUS around me and I can't buy a new one cause I ain't got that much extra money right now. If someone helps me fix this I'll paypal you like 50 bucks lol

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