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Journeyman III

RX580 Distrotion/Flickering In Games With Overlay Running - 17.12.2

Card: RX 580 - MSI Armor series.

OS: Win 10 64bit

Version: 17.12.2 - Radeon Adrenalin

CPU: Ryzen 1700x - Stock speeds

Monitors: 2x AoC e2450Swh - One DVI, One HDMI.

Motherboard: Asrock X370 Taichi - (Version/Revision) P3.20 - Date: 09/08/2017

PSU: Corsair 850W Gold (not the full correct name, but close enough)

RAM: 16GB - GSkill - Oc'ed to 3200MHZ

Extreme flickering and distortion.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Game
  2. Open Overlay
  3. Turn on reporting metrics
  4. Tab out, tab in. Tab out (usually it will start here.)

Any game should do the trick that allows metrics and possibly more, I did not test more into this as I don't know if this is a HW or SW issue.
I'm pretty sure this can be triggered fairly simply in other ways, however I cannot be bothered to test more as I'm salty over spending a heap just to have issues like this.

A crude style capture/explanation/demonstration here in about 90 minutes from this post. (70KB/s up sucks) I didn't screen capture in case it did not capture the distortion.

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Do you experience flickering in streaming?


I'm not sure. I haven't tried. When you have 70KB/s up, you can't really stream.

By flickering you mean the flickering carrying over to the livestream?

Would attempting to locally record and seeing if the flickering carries over to the recording suffice?