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Journeyman III

RX580 Crashes after stutter sound during games

I have bought a new GPU around 2~3 months ago. Every now and then I experience this crash:

1) PC emits stutter robotic like sound
2) black screen, can't do anything, PC stays on
3) Only a hard reset or power down will solve the problem

Please note that this only happens while playing games.

I've tried switching up the GPU socket on the motherboard, however I have been experiencing this same issue with any socket I try it on. This does not happend while the PC is performing other non gaming activities.
I have also run a windows run test to no avail.

I was wondering if this could be a innate technical issue or a faulty PSU. This crash doesn't seem to follow a strict rule as it happens randomly sometimes. but even then it may still crash sometimes...

I have attached some CPU-Z reports about my hardware, if you need more information to help me let me know.
My PSU is a XFX 650W, 80 bronze plus. It over 7 years old...

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For future reference... 

Power supplies will degrade over time, you can use a multimeter or a "power supply tester" to test the voltages.

That GPU has a minimum requirement of a 500w power supply and you are using a 220w processor so it is possible that under load you may be maxing out the power supply.  You can test the GPU by trying it in another computer if you have access to one.  

Also, I'm assuming you removed the old graphics drivers and installed new ones when you changed the GPU. 

Yes I did removed old graphics drivers and did a clean install.
Thanks for the help, I have bought a 1000w gold plus PSU, as soon as I test with it, I'll let you know. Meanwhile I will see if I can test the current PSU in anyway

My bad didn't read about how to make a post...