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RX580 8GB + Asus VG278HR + Windows 10 - No signal after display goes to sleep

Monitor: Asus VG278HR

Graphics Card: ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX580 O8G

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 1803

Anytime Windows puts the display to sleep, I just get static on the monitor, which means no siginal on this monitor. I am running latest build of Windows 10 and latest AMD Drivers for the RX580. Monitor is running at 120hz over DVI. Only way to get signal back is to turn the monitor off or switch input from DVI to another source and then back to DVI. I did see this rarely on my old Acer 22" LCD monitors I've had for like 10 years, but very rarely. I just got this Asus monitor from a friend, and trying to determine if it's a monitor issue or a Windows/AMD issue and the monitor is not at fault. As with this monitor it happens every time the monitor goes to sleep. I can RDP in and everything is fine, I see no errors in Event Viewer.

Steps I have tried to fix the issue.

  • Set to 60Hz (No change)
  • Uninstall drivers with DDU and reinstall (No Change)
  • Switch to HDMI cable (This seems to solve the issue, but then I'm limited to 60 Hz)

Still need to try

  • Different DVI cable
  • Try a different monitor

Before I keep chasing this issue, does anyone have any other suggestions?


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I have a similar issue here that drives me crazy. First let me tell you about my setup so you can maybe better understand what is going on: I have two computers. The first one is a gaming only rig (Ryzen 1700X, Radeon RX480) and the other one is a "for everything else"-rig (Athlon 5370, no dGPU). Both computers are plugged into one monitor each connected via DisplayPort. (my monitor)

So the issue is the following: When I have both computers turned on it is no problem to switch the input signal from my gaming rig (in the monitor setup marked as DP1) to my office rig (DP2) but if I want to switch back to DP1 the monitor tells me it has no input signal and automatically switches back to DP2. If I turn off my office rig (or send it to sleep state) the monitor turns off into sleep. If I turn the monitor on again then it finds the input signal from DP1 and I can use my gaming rig again. I already switched the cables so my gaming rig is DP2 and the office rig is DP1 but the issue stays the same. I can only switch from my gaming rig to my office rig but never back.

I assume it has something to do with "ZeroCore Power" which sets the graphic card into a sleep state since my RX480 features this and the iGPU from my Athlon 5370 does not but I may be wrong. If so is there a way to "wake up" my GPU just with switching the input signal on my monitor? Or has somebody another idea what I can do?

I'd be very grateful for every idea that could help.