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Journeyman III

rx580 4GB - horrible frame rates (45-50fls) on oculus Rift / Assetto Corsa (my gtx 1060 3gb is getting 80-90)

Hello and good day. I am having a horrible time with a rx580 4gb card (here is the exact PC HP Pavilion Power Desktop Computer, AMD Ryzen 5 1400, AMD Radeon RX 580, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 10 (580-130, Black). I have never really used it, purchased before the crypto drop and never really used until now).
I wanted to replace the PC I am using now and give one to my brother, as this should be just a bit better (however that is NOT AT ALL what is happening). Now, I have a similar gtx 1060 3gb. The framerates on oculus rift (CV1) VR with this PC are 80-90fps (occasional drops to 60's). When I use the same settings with the RX580, I am in the 45-50 range for a high, almost unusable really.
I have uninstalled completely the drivers, and reinstalled the following :Revision Number Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 Recommended (WHQL) If you can please tell me ANYTHING else I can look into? Is there a better way to make sure I am on the right driver? Can something in the PC Bios cause issues? Please give me any info as this is rather concerning. The game specifically is Assetto Corsa (not very demanding) on low settings wiht Oculus rift VR. As I said, the GTX 1060 3gb is almost twice as high a framerate, so something is faulty or setup wrong. Maybe a specific Oculus driver? What would be my troubleshooting process.
Other than uninstalling / reinstalling again. can you tell me specifically what driver is best with oculus VR and assetto corsa? Is there any tuning I can do? what can I do about this, as there must be a problem.
Hoping someone can help. If not I think there has to be some kind of issue with the hardware, no?
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Adept III

I have noticed that comparable nvidia cards appear to hold up better at maximum/ultra detail settings in Assetto Corsa, compared to AMD GPUs.

However, Radeon GPUs can achieve a 2X increase in frame rate by lowering certain graphics detail settings, with little to no apparent change to visual quality.

Please see my post here: Assetto Corsa R9 270 2GB performance optimisation  which includes a link to slide by side video comparison of ultra vs optimal settings for an RX 580.

Given you have indicated you are running at low details... perhaps the switch from nvidia to AMD has brought a CPU bottleneck in play - i've heard that VR can be quite demanding on the CPU, and AMD cards can become limited by DX11 driver overhead whereas nvidia GPUs are able to make better use of DX11 multi-threading features to keep frame rates up.