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Journeyman III

RX5700 XT Fan Adrenalin Settings Question

Hi all,

I got my RX5700XT a few weeks ago with no major problems but I am confused about a few things involving fan speed and temperature. 

1) On Automatic in Adrenalin the card seems to get a little too hot for what I want so I put on manual... There seems to be 2 ways about this a) max fan speed% (should I just use this and turn it up from its minimum of 38% which i guess is default?) or should i set a manual fan curve which I am currently using (the only thing I dont like about this is that the minimum RPM is 35%) and let me know if this curve is good? I get about 47-51C on idle and in games my max TJunction temp has reached about 85C and about 70C regular. 

2) with a manual fan curve there seems to be no fan idle stop so the fan is always spinning, maintaining about 45-51C idle temp at around 800-900 RPM. Is this ok that the fan is always spinning because there seems to be no way to stop it unless i put everything back to automatic controls in adrenalin. 

Thanks for replies and help!

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hey there @nymo22 


I recently purchased a new ASRock RX 5700 XT Challenger Pro 8GB OC (triple fan design) card

and have tested it for the past 3 days, including fan settings and did some research on the topic as well.


When you enable the custom fan curve, the Radeon Software will indeed disable the 0db/0RPM feature.

The minimum settings depends on the vBIOS of your card and can differ from card to card.

My own minimum fan setting is 33% which is around 1050 RPM.


As long as the sound of the airflow does not bother you, leave it running.

Cooler idle temps are a good thing. And the fans are built to run and keep everything cool. Let them do their job. ^^

But you can indeed also choose to leave the 0db feature on and just increase the max RPM.


Idle temp with my card are more or less the same as yours.

Just make sure to adjust your max RPM high enough to stay below 85°C in junction temp.

The hardware can handle higher temps and wont break, but cooler temps enable higher boost clocks!


--- [ CPU: Ryzen 7 3800XT | GPU: ASRock RX 5700XT Challenger Pro 8GB | driver: 24.1.1 ]
--- [ MB: MSI B550-A Pro AGESA | RAM: 2x 16GB 3600-CL16 | chipset: ]