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Adept I

RX5700 - new install - display quality issues

Hi - first time here!  My son just upgraded his gaming machine with an RX5700 card, and a X570 plus wifi motherboard.  Brand new Win 10 install .  Brand new SSD.  Brand new power supply.  Brand new memory.  There are vertical lines on the screen - please see attached photos.  Sometimes they disappear, but usually reappear shortly after boot up. Any thoughts?  Any help appreciated!

Cheers, Jim

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Yeh, Rentageek is pretty good for those who have no clue what their doing.

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Thanks for your helpful comment.  Oh, and the correct word is either "they're" or "they are".  Not "their."  Speaking of those who have no clue what they are doing. 


Not sure what the previous comment is supposed to mean but, I would consider RMA'ing the card since there are quite a few reports of similar issues. There is a chance that the strange anomalies are caused by a cable connection but that's the more unlikely scenario. Those lines, to me, are more indicative of faulty or bad VRAM.

If it were me, I would certainly just RMA the graphics card and not spend any additional time troubleshooting.

Thanks very much for the very helpful comment!  I appreciate the assistance.  He will check the cables, then we will RMA the card if that does not help.  I hope you have a great day!

Thanks again,