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Adept I

RX5700 and HDMI sound problem

Ryzen 5 2600x 

msi b450 tomahawk latest bios

kingston predator 3200 cl  16-18-18-36

Windows 10 up to date. 

I connect VGA to AVR via HDMI.

The problem is the sound from RX5700 is not smooth. It often jerky or sometime, the sound disappear.  I need to mute it from taskbar and open again then the sound will come back. But the problem will happen again and again.   

Updated driver cannot solve this problem. 

And my old RX580X do not have this problem. 

Any advice please? 

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Well they have to be an "active" adapter, to be AMD compatible. 

This is the adapter I have. They are 28 bucks at amazon. 

Club 3D CAC-1080 DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0B HDR Adapter Supports 4096X2160@60Hz High Dynamic Range

Adept I

I solved this problem by changing HDMI audio driver from AMD's to Windows 10 default.


1. Change HDMI audio driver to High Definition Audio Device

- Driver Provider : Microsoft

- Driver Date : 2019-03-18,

- Driver Version :10.0.18362.1

- Digital Signer : Microsoft Windows

- You can find this driver by choosing "Browse my computer~" and "pick from a list~".


2. Enable "HDMI Link assurance" in Radeon software.


3. Disable "Radeon Enhanced Sync" in Radeon software


4. Disable "Radeon Anti-Lag" in Radeon software


5. Disable "HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color" in TV setting.


Every setting may not be necessary. So, I recommend you to try one by one.


My Hardware information is in below.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
AMD Radeon RX 5700XT (Sapphire Pulse)


Thanks, I'll start by trying all of these suggestions at once and see if they help.


Too bad, this didn't resolve the issue on my end. Almost same setup. Sapphire 5700 XT and LG 65C9.


Sorry to say that this problem come back to my computer.

I hope AMD to solve this problem as soon as possible.

You can't hope just hope for it to get better. AMD does this all the time. They have several branches of their drivers. One branch fixes problem "A" another problem "B" and another problem "C" Why AMD can't keep a log of what has been fixed and apply the fixed code to whatever branch they are using is beyond me. Report the issue to AMD. Report what version worked and now does not.

Adept II

Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1 Release Notes 

Indeed under Known Issues on the Sep 16, 2020 version:

* Audio may experience instability when connected through an Audio Video Receiver via HDMI on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.

* Some games may exhibit stutter intermittently during gameplay on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.

At least AMD acknowledges the problems. 

Great that it's acknowledged but it's been over a year and still not fixed which makes you wonder is this a hardware issue then that can't be fixed. Then will this issue carry over to RDNA2. I would be interested in one of the new cards if performance is on par with the competition but an audio issue would be a deal killer for me. 


I completely agree with you. It’s never been resolved and I’m at a point where I’d just rather buy a new card and be done with the issue. But I have no idea if it’s going to continue and at that point after like $500 to resolve and issue that shouldn’t be an issue, I’d freak out. The latest driver has seemed to worsen it for me. I’m hoping the next recommended driver fixes it because as you’ve said, it’s been a year now.


While my RX580 had no sound issues I had a lot of other issues. This is 3 years ago now and it quit using that card about 1.5 years ago after going green. Based on prior great experience I though for sure the issue with team red would quickly get sorted. They never did. So today I will give it up to a 30 day return period or whatever that period it is with the retailer I buy from and no more. I won't get stuck with an expensive card again that does not work at the default specs it is supposed to. 

I really am sorry you get suck with this issue as I see it complained of a lot for the past year so it is far more than an isolated issue. The fact it took a year to even show up as an issue officially noted in the drivers is really sad. I do hope it is an issue than can be fixed in software but my gut tells me it that were possible it likely already would be. Like I said I just hope they fixed the issue with the next gen. 

Adept II

Driver version 20.9.2 magically brought back my initial problem of the audio randomly cutting out completely until I mute Windows and un-mute it. Then it comes back on for a few seconds and goes out until I repeat the process. I first discovered this had to do with me globally capping framerates in Rivatuner in MSI Afterburner. I started using AMD’s own Radeon Chill with a minimum and maximum of 60hz. But it doesn’t work globally, you have to create a profile for every game. So anyway, the problem continues to exist for me. I still use Rivatuner in the background but only to monitor GPU fan speed, temps, Frametime, Framerates, etc.


Make sure to report it to AMD:

Adept II

Update: I had to send the LG OLED to the lab -- there were green spots on the screen when it displayed orange or yellow, and luckily it's warranty is still valid -- so got a replacement LG TV for a few weeks.

Running for several days now and seems the problems do not reproduce. Also tries connecting the computer to an old Philips TV im the other room - no issues. Seems the problems exist only when connected to certain TV models. Possibly just the high-end ones, like OLED?

I told the lab that took the TV about the problems with the HDMI input from the computer. They said they will look into it but I doubt they will find anything on the TV's end.

Will update.


That may be an HDMI link problem, depending on how new the TV is.  Newer OLED TVs and even LCD for that matter are HDMI 2.1 compliant, which supports a lot more bandwidth than HDMI 2.0, which is what all current  AMD GPUs support.  Enabling HDMI link assurance in the drivers may help here.

Journeyman III

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.10.1 Highlights 

Fixed Issues

  • Audio may experience instability when connected through an Audio Video Receiver via HDMI® on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.

Not fixed at all for me.

Journeyman III

I returned my 5700 XT to store couple of months ago because of the HDMI audio problem. I've still followed if this will get fixed at all. Seems that the bug is fixed on 20.10.1. Can anyone test it?

Also as expected, the driver brings several bug fixes which are listed below:

  • Audio may experience instability when connected through an Audio Video Receiver via HDMI® on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.


Driver updated to 20.10.1 and testing right now.

11m30s in and I just had 1 single audio drop lasting no longer than a short splitsecond.

I've had it running fine earlier with older drivers too, for a longer period, thinking things were fixed, but then all of the sudden audio would start dropping all over the place all the time, making it a real nightmare listening to.

Since the 11m30s mark just now, I've not had a single audio drop. It seems fine. But hold on. I'll be testing this for a longer period of time, before I'll start using the R-words.

For now, lets just say that I'm hopeful. I'll report back once I have tested a larger samplesize, so to speak.. 

I'm now at 25m in and still only had this one single audio drop. Before I'd have had like a 200-300 drops by now.

@diabbb - What setup are u running, since u report that this is not fixed for you? Like I said, I'll not use the R-word yet and besides this ONE drop I had, it has been running smoothe as an androids be-hind.


taurea‌: I got two displays, a 144hz screen directly connected via DP and an Onkyo AVR that connects to a projector/tv/whatever. I never had 200-300 drops in such a short amount of time like you described. It was always a rare splitsecond drop for me. It hasn't happened in the last 30 minutes or so since I've restarted my AVR. Maybe a Windows Reboot wasn't enough.

I also have to say to say that I don't know if I had this issue in the last few weeks with 20.5.1.


Oh yeah, my drops were baaaad, very bad. Some driver versions more so then others for sure. Drops were no longer then maybe 0,2 - 0,3 seconds in lenght before the audio came back, but it was happening ALL the time, like at least once every second to a sec and a half. 

Nightmare .. ! 

Anyways. I hope it continues to work, we'll see. And I hope it continues to work for you too.


Hmm... No drops are still there. They are rare and few, but every now and then, it still drops.

Once, I've just had the audio disappear completely and I had to restart my playback to get the audio back. This has also happened before and is nothing new, but just still not fixed with 20.10.1.

Things are better for sure, but it is NOT fixed, just improved…

And now we have to struggle with AMD yet again, because they now think it is fixed…    and it took us 3 years to get it on the known issues list.


Just make sure you report it back to them.


I did, but I can't be the only one. You guys need to report this to them as well. Do your own tests if needed, but make sure to report the issue, so they can see that it is still a problem for a lot of people, if not all of us still.

Yes more reporting helps a lot. All affected need to report it. 

Adept I

can someone write down the link of AMD support to open a ticket ? 
so much wasting time they cause us !


Here you go. IMHO they make it very, very, very hard to find: 

Use the button in the Radeon software.. It's the button on the top right, just left from the question mark icon.

That is the bug report 1 way reporting, but no 2 way conversation can be had through that link. If you want answers back use the link I provided. 


With all due disrespect to AMD's support, I'm really not interested in their useless answers. 


I can understand that sentiment for sure. I only point it out as it is the ONLY avenue that AMD gives end users for 2 way dialogue.  

Journeyman III

Damn. Even though I returned my 5000 series I was hoping it was finally fixed so I would have the courage to try 6000 series when it comes.

What's also annoying is this. I't does not seem to matter if you have AV Receiver or not. I had the same drops with staight PC > TV on HDMI.

  • Audio may experience instability when connected through an Audio Video Receiver via HDMI® on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.


There is no way of knowing if the 6000-series card will have the same issue. I've previously heard that this bug with the 5000-series cards are on a hardware level, more then software, which is also part of the reason why this is just not an easy fix.

Make no mistake, I'm not making excuses for AMD here, simply passing on what I've heard others say and I'm not an expert on the architectual level so I can't say if this has any truth to it either.

But, if that is indeed the case, then I have no reason to think the 6000-series cards will have the same problem.

I still have my RX580 I used before I got the 5700XT, it is now in my sons computer.

However, if I take the RX580, stuff if it my own computer and use the 20.8.2 driver, I have NO audio drops anywhere. Everything work perfectly!

I also still have my even older Nvidia GTX460 Graphics card, If I stuff this in my computer and use the same setup, there are NO audio drops at all, everything works perfectly ! 

So.. Yeah.

This is just to say, I have little reason to think the 6000-series will have the same issue, since it will be a completely new architecture.

My main monitor is connected using DisplayPort cable.

Then I use HDMI cable going to my AV-Receiver and from there another HDMI cable goin to my TV.

It does not matter which or what I use to play content, be it different browsers or programs and what not, everything gives me the same Audio drops, when using the 5700XT card.

It also does not matter if I connect the HDMI cable directly to the TV, same problem.

I even tried setting up an old computer-monitor I had, with build-in speakers, using HDMI, as a second monitor and ran tests once more. Same deal. Audio drops upon audio drop constantly.

Adept II

Audio may experience instability when connected through an Audio Video Receiver via HDMI® on Radeon RX 5000 series graphics products.

Nop, the issue still occurs.


My RCA television works with Vega graphics but I am using the TV sound which works as expected

My TV does have S/PDIF to a receiver 


Report it to AMD. I have done so already, but if we ALL do it, maybe they'll put it back on as known issue.

Please ALL, report this crap back to AMD ! 

Adept II

I continue to have audio dropping after updating. I’ve also reported it through the bug reporting tool.

Adept I

I have this exact same issue, returned the card for repair, 4 weeks later got the card back, popped it in and 2 hours later it was dropping audio again!  Everyone that bought this card and still has warranty should return them. AMD's lack of response to this issue clearly proves this is manufacture defect.

Journeyman III

Hey folks the ONLY way to solve this is to use a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. The issue seems hardware related so no point waiting for a driver. I switched to Display Port with a cable and its a million times better.

This is the cable I got: 

4K DisplayPort to HDMI Cable 2m, DP to HDMI Cable, iVANKY 4K@60Hz DisplayPort to HDMI Cable


Is that an active or a passive adapter you are using ?

Like the one that was posted earlier, this was an active one, this: CLUB 3D CAC-1080 Active DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0b