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Adept I

RX5700 and HDMI sound problem

Ryzen 5 2600x 

msi b450 tomahawk latest bios

kingston predator 3200 cl  16-18-18-36

Windows 10 up to date. 

I connect VGA to AVR via HDMI.

The problem is the sound from RX5700 is not smooth. It often jerky or sometime, the sound disappear.  I need to mute it from taskbar and open again then the sound will come back. But the problem will happen again and again.   

Updated driver cannot solve this problem. 

And my old RX580X do not have this problem. 

Any advice please? 

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Hi, that was nice testing. If you have the time, could you do that tests with 19.7.5 as AMD support suggested to use this version?

Sadly I doesn`t have time (not at home) to try but it might help.


Mhm. I can try.

How exactly?

19.9.3 or 19.9.2 without HD audio and then 19.7.5 with HD audio on top?

Or just simply 19.7.5 with HD audio ?


Hi, sorry I`ve no time atm. Please try 19.9.2 without HD audio and then from 19.7.5 choose only HD audio to install. Thank you.


Hi Mate.

I havn't forgotten, I also havn't had the time either. Been working 12-14 hour days and I have 2,5 hours of transportation on top of that too.

Have maybe 2-3 hours of time to myself these days. So yeah it's ....... problematic  

19.10.1 was released, but I see no indication that our issue should have been fixed. I'll see if I can find the time to fiddle around with drivers during the weekend and report back with my findings.

@skoolbus  -  Jub, you did and I intended to test that just out of curiosity. However, the 17.5.1 has alot of other issues so you'd be trading one set of problems for another. But yes I'll give that a try too.

@xbl  - Have you checked how much power it takes to have Furmark running like that? I can't imagine it's cheap, so to speak, so while it is great for troubleshooting purposes, I don't see how it can be a solution.


taurea‌ I know it uses more power but like you time is too little to be spending my hours uninstalling and installing drivers to find out nothing works, if AMD paid me to alpha test this rubbish then id do it. so until the issue is fixed im not messing around.

they have more than enough info on this thread.


I'd have to agree with you. AMD should have enough information to at least acknowledge this is a known issue.

That alone would be enough for me right now, to know that a fix is comming ....

I get why people are frustrated, trust me... I feel it too.

Also, See this:    - This guys is reporting random drops in Clock speeds too. He doesn't specify if he's gaming or what he is doing at the time, but I can only assume that he would be playing a game, otherwise drops in clock speed would not be an issue, I'm guessing.

Don't know what driver etc. he's using, but I don't see clock speed drop when in-game on my 5700xt. Anyone think this all may be related and we're just having different symptoms from the same root cause ?


I also posted that 19.7.5 worked for me. Here's the detail I provided. The latest drivers have frequent audio cuts on mine but not 17.5.1.

I think this forum is onto something about low power modes. I noticed the most cuts during cut scenes or moments in games that didn't have much action. If you are playing an FPS, stare at the floor to see if it happens more often as the GPU will be less busy rendering objects.

This was my original post: 

I think forcing an overclock or keeping the card frequency up is a good idea to try as this might fix the issue on newer drivers.


yes its a clock issue that has been mentioned here, best solution I have is what someone here said and run furmark at 800x600 4:3 not ideal but saves me messing around with different drivers.

this keeps the card busy in background and then I have no stuttering.

Adept II

@fsadough found you in another thread. has anyone from amd looked into this?

Adept II

Im astonished(?) How we figured out that the driver itself, maybe wattman only, is at fault here, but amd has Yet to act. But still, if the audio Problem is gone with older drivers, in there there were still a ...t load of First day Problems that can lead to the bsod (talking about trading one for another issue), in my case they only vanished After installing 19.9.2. 

After This whole Mess i Had to reinstall my Windows Image after i put my 1070 Back into Place because som Services didnt work Proper anymore

But there will be still of hole in my heart as well as in my pocket because i have a WC block for an Non existent card.

Ok Jokes aside i wish you tue best  of luck to get it resolved as fast (well... yeah, its been a while hasnt it?) As possible. Im Out o/

Adept II

Has anyone else had anything further at all from AMD support on this? For me it has basically been a waste of time.  Gotta decide now whether to convince the company I bought the PC from that the graphics card is not working as advertised and to let me replace it with a 2070 Super for the extra £100, or just suck it up and upgrade much sooner than I would usually and sell it on then.  Certainly won't be touching an AMD product again though.

Adept II

Same here.

every now and then audio disappears for 3-4 seconds

Ryzen 3700x

AMD Strix-e X570

5700XT Pulse -> AVR Marantz 7702mk2 -> HDTV

Windows 10 x64 1903 - latest AMD Drivers 19.10.1 (same issue using previous releases)


no issue using rx480.


I'm not 100% sure but passthrough dts or ac3 seems working without interuptions. Issue appears using pcm , aac.

Adept II

I've actually gone a step further and reported them to watchdog.

I generally wouldn't mind about a few issues but the support we have all had is well chocolate tea pot. We have supported each other more than AMD have supported any of us.

No actual helpful advice and even the advice we have all had is conflicting.

We all know the issue and yet AMD yet to even acknowledge it.

Adept I

Just created a account comment... my problems is crackling (mostly base) audio and sometimes it disappears or just goes from 5.1 to center only etc.

I have the same frustrating problem, already reported it to AMD. Never had the problem using an RX 480, RX Vega64 both using my Sony STR-DN1080 and two other displays connected with DP. The issue is most prevalent running the Superposition benchmark but it can also occur in other games like Total Warhammer 2 even while the gpu is doing almost nothing (chill is on in this game).

I tried almost everything... 

Rest of the system:

Ryzen 1700x

Asus Crosshair VI

Windows 10 x64 1903

Driver 19.7.2 (I tried every driver with DDU till 19.9.3 but this one seems the most stable regarding random driver crashes).

System is off-course stable using the RX 480 and RX Vega 64 (the latter pushing the PSU a lot more).

Adept III

Did anyone try a DP to HDMI adapter? I don't have any issues with sound using the display port to the monitor and then plug some speakers to it (pass-through), that's how I've been playing.

Wondering if I get such an adapter I can then plug it to the TV with DP to HDMI and sound drops are gone...

If someone tried it and it does not work I don't have to waste money on it tho 

Adept I

Specs+brands for reference:

Mobo - Asrock X570M Pro4

CPU Ryzen 3600X

GPU: Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC (returned) and PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Dragon


Soundbar: Sony HT-X8500

GPU -> TV and GPU -> TV -> Soundbar give me sound cutting out. GPU ->  Soundbar -> TV audio works fine when soundbar is on, cuts out when playing from tv speakers with soundbar off. (Also there's a HDMI switch in there sometimes, makes no difference whether it's present or not).

vmota‌ I've tried with a Rankle displayport -> hdmi cable, made no difference.

Quickest way to positively id the issue I've found is with the Dolby Access app from the windows store. With the HDMI output set up with Dolby Atmos for home theater surround, the I get to hear maybe 20-30% of the audio, with the rest being the link being lost/re-established. I mention it as a potential stress-test for workarounds (for the 30 day trial duration at least, then you have to pay).


Same problem here with 5700.

HDMI plugged to Denon receiver, from time to time frequently sound disappears.

Then have to mute and unmute to get the sound back.

Love to play games with 5.1 but this is just makeing me crazy.


Just tried DP to HDMI adapter and the problem persists.

AMD PLEASE HELP US, all the fun in gaming is gone because of this.



Hmm, your problem sounds different then what others are having (I think..)

I my own case, I'm having constant 0,2 to 0,3 seconds audio cut-outs or stutterings, whatever you want to call it. And this is happening all the time when trying to play games with audio on my receiver for that "great" audio experience.

Does your audio play fine, up untill is dissappears completely and then you can mute/unmute and have it working again? You don't have constant audio stutterings or anything of that sort?

It doesn't seem like AMD have recognized this issue so I bailed and moved to a optical audio solution for my Denon receiver and now have separate signals for audio and video. Seems like if you plug this card into a 4k tv, windows will use 4k display settings behind the scenes even if you set windows to a lower resolution, therefor the cable saturation issue will not go away.

Personally I game at 1440p (2k) due to viewing distance in my living room but the signal is never truly lower than 4k.

Perhaps start looking at cheap USB audio devices to get around this issue if you don't have optical through your motherboard.

win10 pro -1903 x64

asus gaming strix 470



Well bloody hell and speak of the devil. AND I'll be dammed too!

Even though I just replied that I'd never seen that fault before, I just had it happen to me last night, where the audio disappeared completely and never came back on. I was playing a game + listening to a concert on TV/Receiver at the same time.

I had to alt+tab to desktop and set focus on the media playing the Concert before the audio came back on. Didn't mute/unmute though..

When I have audio stuterings, the speaker icons on my receiver will flash off and on. When the audio disappeared completely, the speaker icons remained as "on", but there was no audio regardless.

Another thing I've noticed with audio stuttering. (I run Chill at 35-60 FPS). And the stuttering only happens on the TV/Receiver, not the main monitor and game sound runs fine.

  • Concert on TV/Receiver + Shadow of the Tomb Raider with Chill (35-60 FPS) on main monitor =Very few audio stuttering. (power draw was 70-90+ watts)
  • Concert on TV/Receiver + Shadow of the Tomb Raider NO Chill (80-100'ish+ FPS) on main monitor = no audio stuttering. (Power draw was 140+ watts)
  • Concert on TV/Receiver + Dungeons 3 on main monitor with Chill (35-60 FPS) on main monitor = Alot of audio stuttering. Very bad. (power draw was 30-45'ish watts.)
  • Concert on TV/Receiver + Dungeons 3 on main monitor No Chill (144 FPS) on main monitor = There were only a few audio stutterings here and there. (Power draw was around 50-60'ish watts.)

Last thing I tried, very interesting:

  • Concert on TV/Receiver + Dungeons 3 on main monitor with Chill (35-60 FPS) on main monitor AND then I ran Heaven benchmark on the TV in the background, simply to draw power = no Audio stutterings at all, everything was fine. (Power draw was around 150-180 watts total.).

Sooo ..... Very interesting ... Dungeons 3 + Chill = very bad audio stuttering.

But the same setup with chill still on, plus Heaven running to simply draw power to keep the card "going", resulted in everything running absolutely smoothe with no issues at all.

There has been previous mentions in this thread about this problem beeing frequenzy related, as the Navi cards are downclocking too much. I feel this really is so, as power and frequenzy go hand-in-hand and I can surely confirm that the more power it draws, the less likely it is to stutter.

Though, I don't know how low the frequenzy can go before stutterings happen.

Please lovely folks at AMD, I'm near the end of my rope here. You can at least acknowledge that this is an issue, please!?

I will really trully be content waiting 6 months for a fix, that's so fine with me by now bacause I'm just spent now.

Simply an acknowledgement will be a huuuge win for us. Please AMD, PLEASE !!

Guys, another about my problem with AVR (Denon, problem below):

"Same problem here with 5700.

HDMI plugged to Denon receiver, from time to time frequently sound disappears.

Then have to mute and unmute to get the sound back.

Love to play games with 5.1 but this is just makeing me crazy.


Just tried DP to HDMI adapter and the problem persists.

AMD PLEASE HELP US, all the fun in gaming is gone because of this."

I realize that the sound randomly disappears, but also when I do some actions the sound also disappears. Then I began to notice patterns. The receiver identifies the signal type automatically, so when I'm playing games it decodes 5.1, but the sounds of windows and other apps are in a different pattern than 5.1. I realized from certain actions of myself and other apps that this loss of sound happened. What I did as a last test was: I have another USB soundcard (a Focusrite) plugged into another set of boxes I use for music recording, so I set it as the default input and output sound for the entire PC (it never gave problems). After that, when I enter a game now, I leave the windows sound options open and change the sound output only from the game's app to Denon, and besides, I went into the receiver's settings and turned off his option automatically recognize the signal type (5.1, 2.0, etc ...). And I leave it straight in multichannel, so the game already comes in with the receiver and in direct 5.1. It still gets lost sometimes when I switch between the menu and into the game eventually, but while I'm playing, maybe over 30min matches, the sound loss issues no longer happen. So I think the driver is getting lost with decoding with the receiver when it needs to be switching between sound types. I hope I helped in some way and made myself clear.

Just one more important information, when the sound fades, I actually realize that it does not fade completely, but it gets really really low, almost inaudible, so I turned up the receiver's vol almost at max and then I could hear well...

Adept II

After my testing I am also completely convinced the problem is both power/frequency related and also specific to certain types of receiving devices (maybe to do with how the handshake works).  It is very unfortunate that we have had no traction whatsoever with AMD though.

Indeed, seems like when the gpu is taxed the audio seems more stable. However, Unigine Superposition is a outlier this seems to distort the bass a lot with static noise.

Adept II

hey folks, 

seems like there is still no help.

I got a quick update because of my returned 5700 XT from MSI (nice retailer...), because my seal was broken (DAMN YOU CUSTOM WATERCOOLING ) i got the card  back and i am now having a whole load of trouble with getting my money back because MSI wants to test the whole stuff first with my video.

My Video  <- last 30sek are most important.

and after they figured out the bug/defect, they want to talk to AMD because of this mess they created, even if they adress this stuff to them and get noticed, i really really really dont want back the card because im free of BSOD constant dropouts freezes and atikmpag.sys pc kills with my MSI gaming x 1070, i wonder how it will turn out.

Didnt even imagine how much trouble and nerve killing a defective driver could be...

Hi Nin.

omg - This could actually be some good news.

Thanks for sharing your vid.. Jub, that's exactly the same problem I'm having too.

But, you are actually saying that MSI did reproduce the same error and are now talking to AMD about it?

Did they confirm that they've seen it too?

I hope MSI can push harder then we can and get AMD to open their eyes. If you have a contact with MSI, could you maybe try and link them this thread?

Please MSI-Kenobi, you're our only hope!  (yeah okay ... )

I had a support ticked at AMD tech support for this thread, but that was closed after that 10-day period.

So now I've opened a new one.  


MSI said they first wanted to check on the situation themselfs, dunno what comes after it, maybe ill check on them next week or so


My 5700XT is a PowerColor Red Devil.. Maybe I should try and go the PowerColor route, it just never occurred to me that it was a possibility and I never though to "blame" PowerColor for the mess..



I have the same card, same problems. Please do it! THX

Adept II

I'm glad I found this thread because I'm having the exact same audio stuttering in and out issue however, I'm using a 580. So i have noticed that whenever you play any of the DTS HD, Atmos TRUE DTS tracks thats when the audio cuts in and out. If the track is simply dolby digital or DTS there is no stuttering. 

my system is connect by an hdmi cable to a denon receiver which then is connected to a samsumg Q80. I have a ps4 and xbox connected to the receiver and there is no audio issues at all. only the pc 

Journeyman III

Hello everyone.

Until right now I had the exact same issues like many before me (stuttering, no or strange sound).

What solved the issue for me is the same thing that seems to make the graphics card more stable (from other posts):

On my GigaByte x570 I Aorus Pro WiFi I switched the PCI-E interface to gen. 3 (tried auto and gen. 4 before with no enhancements) and now my sound is totally fine connected to a 65'' Panasonic TV via HDMI (no matter the resolution 1k, 2k and 4k).

My PC is connected directly to the TV and my Home Cinema is connected via ARC HDMI slot.

Hope this might work for some of you too.


Denon A/V unit Denon AVR-S950H

i7-6850K with an Asus Rampage V edition 10  and a 580, 32 gigs of ram 

Samsung QN65Q80R

7.1 speakers (this is my set up for reference)

Hi Everyone 

katshimurasan    Have you tested if all types of Audio  work because for me the sounds fine until my A/V receiver starts to decode

DTS MA  or Dolby TrueHD or any of the 7.1 audio standards. When I output 5.1 Dolby digital or DTS the video card seems to work fine. Arc cannot send out the higher format sounds it reverts to 5.1 Dolby or DTS unless your using eARC.

I have spent the last 4 days testing different methods presented on this forum

-Switching to and clean installing 19.1.1 driver = same result audio skip, 

-19.7.5 audio drivers while using the 19.9.2 video driver = same result although audio skips less frequently 

-19.10.2 (both audio and video drivers = same result audio skipping and cutting in and out )

-going into bios and GEN3 =  same result no change

-Disabling AMD HDMI sound drivers and using only drivers that come with the MB =  same result no difference

-Switching HDMI cables ( purchased and tried 3 different ones  ref   HDMI Cable 10ft Cinema Plus 28AWG (4K 60Hz HDR 4:4:4) HDCP 2.2 - Exceed HDMI 2.0, High Speed 22.28 Gbps   )

-Switched MB and moved to second PCI-e slot = same result no difference 

- used a displayport cable to send out the video and an hdmi cable to send out the audio ( this took me awhile to figure out how to configure duel screens then disable one ect ect.and im not 100 percent sure i configured it correctly) it didnt work same issues

this is the set up I wanted: HDMI from my video card to the denon AV unit and then another HDMI cable outputted from my Denon AUX  to the Samsung HDMI input. So the denon would handle all the audio processing and the TV would handle all the video( I would set my denon unit to bypass the video signal thus unaltering it and letting the TV do all the dirty work) 

the only configuration I got to  work  is when I send out an the audio  from the optical cable from the MB, to  the A/V unit and attach the HDMI cable from the video  card directly to the TV or when I attach the HDMI from the video card into the A/V unit and then send out audio using ARC 


these configuration give zero audio problems as well as video problems for me, however I no longer get the HD DTS or any of the higher end sound, only basic stereo, DTS, Dolby digital which inst ideal as I have a 7.1 configuration

Sidenote; Lowering the Chroma Subsampling to 4:2:2 allows my system to run at the original configuration I want however this inst idea l as the colors and text loots awful compared to 4:4:4

Sidenote: Someone had posted earlier about the lights flickering on there denon display as the Audio and Video start to skipand cut in/out I also observed this exact phenomenon with my unit. Almost as tho the buffering is flooded with too much data and the Videocard cannot handle it 


I hope my post has helped even though most of you are using the 5700 xt and I'm using the 580


I don't even want to think about less than 4:4:4 chrominance. The damage to the color reproduction is horrid with 4:2:2 etc.

I have an LG 4K HDR panel and it has 10-bit color with 4:4:4 chrominance which works fine with 19.10.2



Unfortunately I only have a 5.1 home cinema so I cannot check if it works on 7.1 as well.

Adept I

Hello I'm back.

I've changed my TV to the newer one and found that now I have no problems at all with new drivers. All works fine.

I think that besides keeping frequency high or keeping card busy, it is also very likely that what omegasupreme was talking about audio standards/formats is connected to that too. I must further investigate what my old tv was using, and what my new tv is using. I will post new info on weekend when I'll find something. If you can try also connecting to the other tv's if you can. Maybe we will find true problem, and AMD will recognize it (obviously they do nothing right now I think) 

Adept II

Hi again,

so to put up an update for the status of MSI, the last Mail i received of them was "we will check back with our staff and if there is a problem present, we will inform AMD consering that matter".

Alright, today i called MSI and were asking how the situation at hand looked liked, and the only answer i got was "we informed AMD" so it seems like they also had the same Problem on their end. After i asked them how long it will take for AMD to answer on that, there was only an slight sigh"4-8Weeks up to a few months!".

No thanks, i need to call my vendor back to finally put this matter to rest. i got something else to do in my freetime than calling everyone over and over again.

So long!


thank you for the update 


Oi pirates.

Did any of you have a look at the notes on the 19.11.1 ?

Known issues says:

Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may experience stutter in some games at 1080p and low game settings.

Performance Metrics Overlay may cause stutter or screen flashing on some applications.

Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products may experience display loss when resuming from sleep or hibernate when multiple displays are connected.

Stutter may be experienced when Radeon FreeSync is enabled on 240hz refresh displays with Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products.

I know this is not exactly super specific… But maybe some of this can be related to the problems we're having too …

Here's one for hoping …


i like how amd really likes to avoid to say what kind of issue, stutter means a whole lot, framedrops/framelatency f.e. 

at least they make use our imagination or creativity more than pre school. the rest is just poor. Imagine the 5700(XT) with the driver stability of the 500er series, holy moly, it scares the crap out of me to imagine what the experience would be like.

But you're right, hope dies last. Btw did u contact your manufacturer (god, this word) about the mess, like i did with MSI?

Journeyman III

Same problem with my setup. Saphire Radeon 5700XT Pulse connected to LG UH850V TV via HDMI cable and audio cuts-of for a second from time to time. It happens randomely, once in a couple of minutes in average. Happens when I'm playing the games or watching the youtube in browser.

I have tried to switch to my old GPU, Radeon HD4850 with the rest of the hardware, drivers, HDMI and TV and sound works with no issues. Switching to PCI Gen3 on motherboard or undervolting the GPU doesn't help.

Journeyman III

Hello Guys

I have same problem with my Harman Cardon AVR265. Digital sound no problem at all but when ı try to listen to some SoundCloud or youtube sound starts to cut-off and back just like @nin's video.

I think one and a simple driver release solves the problem and we have to wait.