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Journeyman III

RX570 Persistently returning black screen issue

Greetings forum.

I've been having a long battle with the black screen problem with my GPU. What happens is the screen goes blank, monitor shows no input and GPU fans spin fast (also I get WattMan restored from unexpected system failure message in AMD notifs). Only recovery is hard restart by holding down power button on case. Now, I fix this problem now and then, but it always reappears in some way.

I need to specify that the GPU was brought second handed and was only best option I had at the time. The seller claims it was barely used for their computer workshop and never used in mining crypto, so that's all I can go off with.

First time I got the GPU, I had overheating issues, and then the black screen thing. I fixed those through downclocking and under volting. Worked fine until it didn't anymore. The AMD software had tendency to randomly break no matter how many times I have reinstalled or rolled back drivers (DDU and all), resetting my settings and bugging out. One day the application just completely ceased to work. However!... My GPU worked like a charm for long time. I could game all I want, no overheating, no crashes. So what the hell, mind as well just leave it like that.

I eventually go and return from vacation, my PC is dusty and thermal paste needs replacement. I carefully clean everything, try starting any game... Black screen (how and why?)... I decided to actually install normal drivers and its been bit of hell. Black screen gallore even when in safe mode on desktop. I couldn't even install drivers until I downloaded MSI afterburner and dragged power limit to minimum, just to keep things stable enough to properly install. Also I disabled afterburner after the AMD drivers have been installed because I know the conflict causes crashing too. But alas, even with this new AMD Pro edition software and a downvolted profile... Still same black screen when launching game. Back to square one.

I apologize for writing text this long but I couldn't summarize this any shorter, let alone explain it to google search, so that's why I'm here. I can assess that it is most definitely a power voltage issue. I'd prefer if I can get it fixed without replacing PSU (its not even that old), if possible, but any kind of answers or solutions are appreciated!

Specs: RX 570 - Ryzen 5 1600 - 16 GB DDR4 (Viper) - ASRock motherboard A320M - Raidmax Vortex PSU 80 Plus Bronze (735W) - Windows 10

PS: Forgot to mention that I noticed that in metrics, the power usage and temperature peaks very high when its about to bork itself. Even though it says its 90C, I can touch my GPU to check and its not even warm.

Update: AMD software randomly stopped working entirely and it claimed that its been replaced by windows automatic driver. Black screen is now happening even when idling on desktop. Is windows breaking my stuff with its automatic updates without my consent or knowledge??

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