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Journeyman III

RX560 Fan RPM inconsistent and makes noises and goes to 60 RPMs sometimes while fan speed is 19%

The fan speed is always around 19% which should equate to around 1200 RPMs and the fan speed automatically increases and decreases when temperatures change.

Fan speed is at 19% but my RPMs are at an average of 840 RPMs and hangs around 800 RPM for an inconsistent period of time. Most of the time, the RPMs drop to 800 average, then it rises back to 1200 RPMs the way it should be. But sometimes it randomly goes out of skew and this number goes to other extremes such as 60 RPMs all while making car engine noises from the fan all while being 19% fan speed. 


It's not dust because I cleared it all out with an Air Duster/Qtips to softly remove excess dust and debree. I have poked/proded the fan softly when it was at 60 RPM to see what was going on. Nothing really changes when you manually stop the fan with your fingers, and it continues to spin at 60 RPM after you release it from your grip. What does have an effect on it however, is when you put the computer into sleep mode/restart or shut down and startup the computer again; the fan speed no longer stays at 60 RPMs but rather hovers at around 840 RPMs or sometimes even starts up at 1200 RPMs but eventually goes down to 800 RPMs after a minute or two.

Now, this has happened several times throughout the last few months (6 months have passed since the second incident and over 2 years for the first).

The first time this happened, the fan was making extremely loud car engine noises averaging around 400 RPMs. It was a pretty new card almost a year old when it first happened and it kept going from 400 RPMs to 60 RPMs. When I restarted the computer or shut down / sleep mode startup, it changed my fan speed back to 1200 RPMs and it was fine for a few months until it happened the second time. On occasion, it would go to 800 RPMs, but after spamming shutdown/startup, it eventually fixed itself.

The second time this happened, I air dusted it, made sure the RPMs were not too low like 60 RPMS before updating the driver then after updating the drivers the fan stayed at 1200 RPMs for the last few months now. But on occasion, it would drop to 800 but went back to 1200 RPMs without issue and haven't had an issue for a few months now.

Today, it happened again and it's hovering around 840 RPMS. I thought, it's not so bad so I ignored it,  started up a game and streamed it on Discord stream in 1080p 60fps and after 40 minutes later, I noticed my 840 RPMS was at 60 RPMs. It seems computer activity does have an affect on it. I quickly shut down my PC and started it up again and the fan was at 400 RPMs for a short few seconds then went back down to 60 RPMs all while I hear car engine noises from the fan. After poking and proding the fan a little along with dusting it with the Air Duster, I managed to stop it from going to 60 RPMs but now it hangs around at 800 RPMs rarely going to 900-950+ RPMs instead of stabilizing at 1200 RPMs which is what I would consider soft fixed, but it isn't doing that.


This is a real hassle and I need help.


GPU-Z 2 

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Journeyman III

i kind of have the same problem, like my rx 560 is always at a same rpm, i don't know why