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Journeyman III

RX480 cause pc restart without error code

Hi, since a mouth in experience a really bad issue with my Nitro+ RX480.

It start to cause random pc restart (without any error code) while i was playing game (Overwatch, btf2,...).

But i wasn't happening every time.

But now it happen almost always.


   -GPU : RX480 nitro+ 8go

   -RAM : Gskill rypjaw (2x4go)

   -MotherBoard : GIGABYTE Z97P-D3

   -CPU : intel core i5-4460

   -PSU : LDLC 550W 80+ GOLD

What i try to fix it : 

     - driver reset

     - disable intel graphics

     - change pci slot (work for a day)

     - boot with only my ssd

Also, wattman is disable. I do my test by playing multiple game and with FurMark (crash at bit more than 50% of the test with temperature over 71°C)

I was wonder if someone already experience that and if any solution exist ?

Thanks for your help. 

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When a computer shuts down by itself as though you pressed the "Reset" or "Power" button on your computer case generally indicates a Overheating or Power issue. Could also be driver not being compatible or defective hardware.

Check and see if there are any errors in Device Manager such as a yellow exclamation mark or message. Especially in the "Display Adapter" category.

Make sure you Windows is fully updated via Windows update and your Intel graphics and chip set drivers is the latest.

Download OCCT and run the GPU Stress test first and observe the GPU temperatures and Loads and PSU Output voltages before it crashes if it does crash.

 Afterward run the PSU Stress test and see if it crashes immediately.