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Journeyman III

Rx470 Crash, black screen in games

hello on July 11 I was playing apex, suddenly the game froze and I had to turn off the pc from the button, turn it on again and open apex entered the lobby but seconds later the screen froze (the game was still listening) , and I had to force the shutdown again, try the same in overwatch with the difference that this time when freezing I could go back to the desktop and saw a windows notification saying "the access of the application overqwatch .exe to graphic hardware was blocked ", I read a bit on the internet and tried to change DDU drivers in safe mode, I tried to open the games and it did not work, I even got one more notification," Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure "and now the games they did not even open, the games crashed when they started, then I did a clean installation of windows (everything from the beginning, I thought it would help) but when installing drivers the problem continues, I have a list of the things I have tried to fix the problem:
1.- try different drivers, each time cleaning with DDU in safe mode. Used drivers:
all of them with the same wattman error when trying to open the games, except the 16.11.5 those did not even open the radeon configuration.
2.- Make a clean installation of windows, from 0
I tried with windows 10 pro (1803)
and windows 10 pro (1903)
3.- Use commands in
cd% windir% \ system32 \ config
ren system system.001
ren software software.001
(seen in other forums)
4.- Modify values in wattman (when the pc crashes the values are erased and reset)
I did so many things without results that I do not remember them all anymore.
I suspected that the problems started after a small windows update on the morning of July 11, but when I installed a windows without those updates I discarded that possibility#

My PC:
cpu intel i5 6400
gpu rx470 4g led (mining edition)
ssd kingston 120gb
power supply evga 600b 80+ bronze
RAM adata 1x8gb 2400MHz
Motherboard B150M DS3H

I hope you can help me

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