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Rx Vega 64 "LiveKernelEvent" daily event.

Okay, let's get the basics out of the way.


Crosshair VI Hero Edition Motherboard.

Ryzen R7 1700 CPU (Stock Cooler, not over clocked)

AMD RX Vega 64 Stock edition

64 GB (2x32gb) Ram

750W PSU (Gold Rated).

Primary Drive: 256gb SSD, Secondary 2TB mechanical drive.

Built by me, maintained by me - about the millionth PC I've built in my career.

I purchased this Vega around September last year, I've had problems with it. Most of which have been ironed out with driver updates but one which has persisted and which will not go away is the "LiveKernelEvent" error. This is fairly easy to reproduce, simply load up a browser, play a video or gif with hardware acceleration enabled and try and load a demanding game or piece of software. Somewhere in the next 15minutes the screen will go black, the browser, game or both will crash and a 'LiveKernelEvent' error will appear in the Reliability Monitor, occasionally it'll even cause the entire computer to lockup.

I'm now at a loss, as with the latest drivers (18.3.1) it appears to have made things once more, worse. In an effort to try and resolve this for myself I have disabled hardware acceleration across windows. Which appears to have fixed the browser issue of video playback while a game is loaded, but not games randomly crashing to desktop in the interim. In a further effort I reformatted the system on the 6th March to a clean 'reset' of Windows 10 Pro with a clean driver installation, in 48 hours I've had 7 'Live Kernel Events' with the last one being 20minutes ago across multiple games includeing Vermintide2, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Rainbow 6 Siege, They are Billions and Killing Floor 2. So it's not like it's linked to any individual game.

I'm hoping, short of praying that it's a system setting a flag or something I can do to help fix this but I'm grasping at straws now by posting here. I really do not want to have to RMA the card if I can help it, but I fear no future Driver Update will fix it as it just appears to be fundamentally flawed.

The 750W PSU should be plenty for the system I've got.
The Motherboard is on the latest BIOS Driver

The GPU is being fed by two seperate rails on the PSU

I've run the gamut of drivers since September currently on 18.3.1

Reformats have not helped (One in August, one in December, one two days ago)

Multiple games across multiple API's all have the same problem

Help greatly appreciated.

2 Replies

Three weeks later and still no joy.

I have done a complete reformat of my device, which doesn't appear to have made any diffference. ~In addition to 'LiveKernelEvents' now I am just getting system hangs. My Security & Mainternance Window looks like a checkerboard. So I have decided to RMA the card.

Adept I

Hey, I have an RX Vega 56 that would crash all the time when anything hardware accelerated was displayed. Turns out AMD just doesn't have good quality control (not surprising honestly) and I got a shitty unit that only works when I turn up the core voltage by +31mv. After that it has been rock solid in gaming. I recommend trying a core voltage overclock, but just do a little at a time. I used MSI afterburner because Wattman is terrible and crashes all the time.