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Journeyman III

RX Vega 64 Black Screen+fan revving up

I have 2 setups with Vega 64(Strix and Gigabyte)  The Strixx runs flawless even though its hotter(due to the awful VRM). However, on the Gigabyte model when launching a game or even Heaven Unigine, I'm getting a black screen and fans revving up. Running the Strix with a Corsair VS650 PSU and the Gigabyte with at FSP K 700W. Both PSU are almost 1 year old.


After swapping the GPUs, the issue was still persisting on the Gigabyte Vega 64. After checking the 1st PC I noticed that the 2nd 8 PIN PCI-E extension was melted. Cleaned the 8-PIN slot on the Gigabyte GPU, hooked it up on the 2nd PC and it melted it again.

Is this a PSU issue? Take note that I did test the Gigabyte 64 on 2 separate rigs that has their own PSU

8-PIN PCIE Cables are Phanteks 500M

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Journeyman III

That's pretty bad that your power connectors are melting. You should RMA your card. I had to do this for my vega 56 gigabyte.

Most of the the Gigabyte branded cards are getting crashes etc - read review one newegg and amazon. There is a lot of bad reviews out there.

Journeyman III


Now the Gigabyte VEGA 64 is not melting the PCI-E power cords. What I did is I directly connected it to the PSU (No extensions)

But it still goes BSOD with the fans revving up to 100%. I noticed that I only get this when setting a custom profile at wattman

Settings are:

State 1: 992/900mV

State 2: 1082/950mV

State 3: 1137/1000mV

State 4: 1237/1025mV

State 5: 1437/1045mV

State 6: 1577/1065mV

State 7: 1632/1075mV

HBM2: 945/1000mV

Power limit +50%

Fans at 75% when going 65c

I already tried tuning down the clock speed with the given mV's, and it will still BSOD with fan going 100%


I'll try using balance profile for a few days and check if it will still bsod