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Journeyman III

RX vega 56 High activty and temps in idle

I have a problem. my Rx vega 56 runs at 96-98% activty and about 75 temps. The fan speed is on 2411rpm. This is all the time. It does not go down. when i look in windows activitys for the graphic card it on 2% when i run firefox. so it's not that there are any activitys going on.
It have not done this before. so i was wundering if anyone ells have tryed this.
I runs like i'm playing a game in the background. but i have nothing open but the browser.

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Journeyman III

If this is the only way for me to contact the support. it would be nice if a support would respond. to help me. I have had this card for some month now and i have never had this problem before. I'm using driver version 17.12.2 i tryed using 17.12.1 to see if it change anything but still the same problem.
Usely the card was on 45-50 at idle temps. now it just high all the time.

Journeyman III

I would seem i had a malware that no virus scanner could find.

Community Manager

Please try updating to Crimson 18.1.1 Alpha Driver and if you continue to experience the same issue, please provide the essential

Adept I

Oke, maybe i can help you.

Go to firefox options, go to general, scroll down to performance, turn off ''Use recommended performance settings'' and turn off ''Use hardware acceleration when available''.

(Your core clock boost in idle even when you close firefox)

Close firefox and go to ''task management'', go tho the tap ''details'', and end the task amddvr.exe its come back in een instant.

(you can also restart your pc)

Now you your finish.

Check you Vega?

(sorry for the bad english)

Adept II

Vega 64 here. I had 100% load in idle after ending the mining, and the GPU was pulling 90W of power. The latest 18.1.1 Beta release solved it for me. Although, I still have to see if some issues I had with the previous Adrenalin releases repeat.