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Journeyman III

RX 7900XT and Hunt Showdown

The problem is the following, when I start Hunt: Showdown, it already stutters and lags in the main menu, when I'm in the match, the stuttering sometimes disappears after a while, but most times it doesn't.  

Cyberpunkt2077, Control and other games run great with RT, the performance is great in all benchmarks, without crashes.
Only Hunt Showdown does not want to run properly.

my system
R9 5950x
MSI B550 Unify-x
32GB (2x 16GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4-3600
beQuiet Straight Power 11 750W
And the 7900XT reference, which gets power via 2 8pin power connectors, not via a split cable.

The Temps are also ok. 

What I've tried so far.

- GPU drivers reinstalled, previously removed with DDU in safe mode
- Windows 10 freshly installed
- Bios update on the motherboard
- Checked the cable on the power supply
- Changed the cable on the power supply unit (PCI-e)
- Graphics card removed and reinstalled
- Temperatures checked
- Windows only installed with the most necessary drivers and software (no icue or HWInfo, no RTSS)
- Chipset driver updated
- tried it with one, two or three monitors
- disabled FreeSync
- tested different DP cables
- CPU on stock
- RAM on stock
- Motherboard settings on stock
- reinstalled the game
- deleted the shader folder from Hunt Showdown (this brought a temporary improvement)
- tested the game from different SSDs: samsung 970 Evo Plus & Samsung 860 Pro
- Adjusted monitors from 144 to 60hz

Other games with CryEngine also work, such as "The Alien Cube"

it's very frustrating, hunt showdown is the game i play the most. 
If you know any fix i could try, that would be great.

edit: Things i also tried:
- change from max to min settings
- start the game as admin
- disabled fullscreen optimizations
- checked game files with steam
- enabled/disabeld v-sync
- tried oc, tried uv
- disabeld SAM 
- tried different modes, fullscreen, borderless 

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Journeyman III

do you fix it? i have some samilar problem,my 7900xt always run in lower power like 160w,it cause low fps,I stucked in this problem long time,i prettey sure not cpu problem.