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Journeyman III

Rx 7900 xtx system reboot when memory clocks drop

So my problem is the one described on the title. I too have two 1440p 144hz displays and when they're both set at 144hz my idle power draw is nearly 100w.

When I change my second displays refresh rate to 60hz or unplug it and run only a single display at 144hz the memory clocks drop and so does the power draw.

My system will eventually crash even at desktop or browsing the internet and reboot. When i get to my desktop again adrenalin has reset and this happens when VRR is on or off.

Does anyone know what is causing this or can help me? I like the card, but something like this basically makes it unusable and nearly 100w power draw at idle is just absurd. If i can't find a way to fix this i'm going to have to switch to a different gpu.


Thank you

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