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Journeyman III

RX 7900 XTX and The Crew 2 and 110 degrees...

The game loads the video card by 40-50% on the maximum graphics, in this mode the frequency is kept at 1500 MHz. I see the starters and the lack of a smooth picture.

But if you run, for example, Furmark in the background. Then the loading of the video card, of course, rises to 100% and the game runs smoothly and without starters.

I tried adding the game to performance mode on Windows, but that didn't help. I tried to set the overclocking mode in the driver, but it did not help either.

I know that nvidia has a mode in which the video card keeps about the maximum frequency. But I did not find a similar function in AMD. I think it would help to solve low performance with low video card load.

I am attaching two screenshots with the game and when the furmark is launched in addition.

And yes, I also have the problem of heating up to 110 degrees. I bought a reference version from Power Color a week ago.

How can I get good in-game performance without using furmark?
Is 110 degrees normal with the fans running at 100% or should I return the reference to the store and look for a non-reference one?

Screenshot 1 44% 
Screenshot 2 100% and 110 degrees 

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Adept II

If the junction temperature is hitting 110c, you have a unit with the vapor chamber defect. Contact Powercolor and determine how long it would take to get a replacement, as it varies by manufacturer. If you don't mind spending the extra on the AIB model, and assuming you can find one... that might be faster. 

Journeyman III

I should add the information that yesterday I added 5 more fans to the case and previously this solved the issue with heating, because in the furmark test I do not see temperatures above 85-88 degrees.

I had 2 x 140mm front intake fans, 2 exhaust fans were mounted on the watercooling radiator and blowing air to the side. There was also a 120mm fan in the back. With this configuration, I got overheating up to 110 degrees.

I have added 2 fans down that blow 120mm around the graphics card. And 3 120mm fans on top. And now I have a maximum of 85-88 degrees from the furmark.

I use case Lian Li O11 Mini Air