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RX 7800 XT : PC randomly shuts down when playing Cyberpunk 2077, World of tanks and in 3D rendering

I recently switched from a RTX 3070 to a RX 7800 XT on my system, and since switching to this card, my PC randomly switches off with no bluescreen or any thing, just turns off completely. I have never experienced this problem before with my 3070 and honestly it's just unacceptable to have a dysfunctional product out of the box when u pay 550 € + for it,  I've been using AMD CPUs for some time and never had major problems and always stranded for AMD against the whole AMD drivers being buggy and instable stories but i'm starting to change my mind as apparently i'm not the only one having this issue looking at all the topics talking about it on the internet 

I use this card for my work as well as i'm an architect and i do a lot of CAD/BIM and 3D rendering work, and it also shuts down when i'm using TwinMotion to render some of my work...

I'm using this setup :

MOB : Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite V2

CPU : Ryzen 9 5900X

GPU : RX 7800 XT

PSU : Corsair TX650M (2 8 pin connectors powering the GPU and yes i already one cable as well) 

RAM : 32GO 3200 (16x2)

All drivers, BIOS, Chipset, Windows and everything are up to date 


What is going on, is AMD even aware of this or are we supposed to just suck it up and put up with the risk of losing my work everytime this happens ??


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Adept I

Hello Bearded_Knight. Hope you're okay.

Im not an AMD member of Staff. So take this feedback with caution.

I'm looking at your setup. Great setup by the way  

But. Your PSU isn't sufficient enough. You've stated that you do alot of rendering work. This, as you will know, puts great strain onto the GPU. 650W for an RX 7800 XT is very risky. 700w is the minimum that AMD advises when using the 7800 XT. Especially with rendering, you should undervolt the GPU through AMD Adrenalin and check your temps.

The fact that you have no bluescreen should give you that knowledge. It means that there is no hardware issue. Its just the fact that more than likely, your PSU just isn't strong enough to handle the rendering output.

So you can either:

1) Undervolt. Do some rendering and see if the issue persists.

2) Buy a 700w or higher PSU.

3) Another option is your cooling. Most PC cases can easily work with 2-3 Fans. This is sufficient enough for the 7800 XT. However, you can change the speed of the fans. So if you increase the speed, you increase the cooling. So check your fans and make sure they are clean and don't have any dust on them to make sure your GPU is getting sufficient cooling.

Your AMD setup is great. Just tweak a couple things and *fingers crossed*, your rendering will be working great.

Take care.



Hello mate

Thank you for the reply, i was about to open a dispute ticket with the seller in order to get it replaced or even ask for a refund and go back to NVIDIA, but since i need the 16 gigs of VRAM, i decided to spend another 130 euros for a Corsair RM1000e (2023) 1000w PSU

It should arrive in the upcoming days, than i'll see how it works out, if this persists, i'm sending this card back with no hesitation 

I hope this solves the problem as i've seen other people complaining about the exact same problem while running 1200 w PSUs

In the meanwhile, i will try undervolting both the CPU and GPU 

As for the temperatures, both my CPU and GPU never go above 70° under maximum load. i have a decent case with 3 intake fans, 1 exhaust fan and a huge dark rock pro 4 CPU cooler. 

I'll see how it goes


Just installed a new 1000w PSU, the problem is still occurring,.. already spent 130 euros more for nothing, not gonna bother with AMD GPUs for a long time, I'm sending this card back


550 euros new GPU malfunctioning and apparently on a large scale is unacceptable 


**bleep**. Really sorry to hear that

When you get a new GPU, I hope it fixes whatever problem it is.

The reason why I was so sure it was the PSU was because I have an RX 7800 XT OC Edition GPU. And have had 0 issues. Very similar GPU temps to you aswell.

Sorry you had to spend extra on the PSU. If you're getting an Nvidia GPU, it will turn out to be a useful purchase in the long run anyway. So abit of futureproofing

I'll keep my fingers crossed when you get your new GPU. In a way, I hope it is the AMD GPU so then at least you know what the problem was lol a friend of mine a few months ago, had a similar issue but with an RTX 4080. He replaced his entire setup. Then when an electrician checked his house, it was actually his wall socket connection which was the problem haha So hopefully it's not the case for you.

Good Luck brother *fingers crossed*.


Thanks mate, i'll see how the seller responds to my request, they might not acknowledge the problem as it happens randomly and only when the system is under a load, and is this case might even return the card and refuse to refund or replace it. it is still an ongoing case, 


Have a good one 

Adept II


Your problem relates to AMD doing a crap job.  They havent come out to explain or fix this issue.  Some people have said that updating their graphics drivers fixed the problem.  However I was only able to fix it by updating my motherboards BIOS.

Your only real options are to update whatever you can.  Wait for a POSSIBLE fix that might never come.  Or use a different card.


Already tried that. My mob is using the latest bios. Im using the latest drivers for my whole setup. Tried to reset everything to stock parameters. 

The only thing i did not try was updating the gpu bios. 
I already sent the card back to the seller. Hoping that they offer me a refund or the option to pick another card because i was t happy with the Saphir reference card's thermal performance ether. Two fans are not enough. My 3070 runs a lot cooler 


Ha! Just received an email from AMD, inquiring about any helpful replies to my forum post. Are they genuinely depending on the community to troubleshoot their products ? Not a single response from their employees despite numerous topics addressing the same GPU issue. What's the deal, AMD ?

Hi @Bearded_Knight 

I also experience the same problem as you. No matter what i try nothing solves the problem.

I have a Aorus B550M Elite rev.1.3 motherboard, a Ryzen 5600 X and a Corsair RM1000e and the problem still occurs (two separate PCIe connectors from the PSU to the GPU)

I send AMD crash reports every time Adrenalin gave me the opportunity but I never got any answers back from them.

I tried to send my R7800 XT back but the seller refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. I even explained how to provoke the problems but they just did their own stress tests and even scratched my card before returning it to me

I did stress tests myself and those will not provoke the systems to crash. It' happens during normal use of my PC, such as normal work or gaming.

From what I've been told from the seller they say it could be the motherboard having issues with the PCIe Gen4 speeds, but I'm not buying it as the motherboard is a gamer board that should be able to handle this.

It is frustrating that the competition to Nvidia is this bad and nobody wants to take the customer serious. I never had any issues with my previous RTX card and this motherboard.


PC shutting down is almost always related to power issues. Unstable/Bad/Underpowerd PSU is quite often the culprit, but it can be anything else.


The OP had a bad PSU most likely. He ordered a new 1000w psu, and then switched to nvidia. No doubt will go "wow nvidia is so much better" lol


In many peoples cases we can run benchmarks back to back for hours and have no problems, but launch youtube or a game like elder scrolls online and it would reboot the entire computer after a time.


If I were to be a betting man, I would actually say the reboot issue its some kind of ram timings problem and possibly card incompatability.  Updating my wifes BIOS fixed the issue for us.  *shrug*.


If you have updated the BIOS then you can try using different RAM, or even putting the ram in different slots or swapping the order of the RAM sticks. 


After the gpu change out did you run "DDU" display driver uninstaller in safe mode to cleanup old nvidia driver/configuration files?