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Journeyman III

Rx 6950XT Red Devil 30-40 degree Delta between GPU Temp and Hot Spot Temp


I Have the Rx 6950XT Red Devil and i dont know if this is normal but the Delta is 30-40 Degrees between GPU Temp and Hot Spot temp.

I Start the Witcher 3 and instantly the Hot Spot jumps to 90-95 degrees. The Gpu temp is at 60-65 degrees. But then the Hot Spot temp rises to 105-110 in 1-2 Minutes, the GPU Temp stays at 65-70 Degrees. The Hot Spot Temp sometimes goes over 110 Degrees and the Gpu throttles and doesnt cool down.

I opened the side panel or set the fans at 100% but it doesnt change. I even undervolted the Gpu and set the Powerlimit to 90% but the Delte of 30-40 degrees is still the same. 

Is this normal or should i be worried and RMA ?

I Have a Ultrawide Monitor with 1440p and i play with Ray tracing on. But that should not matter normaly. I just cant imagine that this Delta is normal.

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