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Journeyman III

RX 6900XT Valheim Vulkan Crash

Hey Folks,

I could play Vlaheim on my PC with DirectX. But the performence often drops below 20FPS (Max Settings on Samsung CRG90@5120x1440) if I went to our big city.

the GPU doesn´'t hit the 95%-LOAD mark.

So I tried to start "Valheim with Vulkan" but every time I start the game. I´'ll hit the 2000FPS mark. But in the Moment the main menue should appear the PC powers Off.......
And I could´'nt start again. the PC wouldn't do anything... So I pull the power plug and wait 2mins. After that he get back on, but I get the Failure every time the same way. 
The event-log doe´n't store any Problem.

I Hope someone could Help me.
Many Many Thanks!

My System:
MSI X470 Gaming Pro
16GB G.Skill Flare X (CL14
AMD Ryzen 2700X
Corsair RM750i

2 Replies
Adept II

Does it still crash when you enable the frame limiter in the driver?

What PSU are you using? Reminds me on my Vega 64 with a similar system and an 650 W be quiet Dark Power P11.


Game crashes for me to in Vulkan only fix is adding this to the boot.config in the valheim_Data folder


I just wish fps was higher i am seeing it tank down to like 40 at times which is insanely low