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Journeyman III

RX 6900 XT Reference Thermal Pad

hi guys, could i know exactly the thickness of the thermal pads of the vrm and vram of the rx 6900 xt reference? Thank you

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Why? Is it 2 hot 4 u?

The GDDR6(X) critical thermal limit is in range of 105-110°C, and if it stays below 90°C you're all set and dandy.

Thermal pad replacement is valid for RTX 3080/Ti and 3090 which has a "fiery temperament", but normal GDDR6 as in Radeon 6000 series and RTX 3070 and below does not overheat under normal conditions. If yours does I would recommend contacting support services for a warranty case.  

If you still insist for personal (overclocking) purposes, I can only extrapolate the info on RTX Founder's, and say that it would take a 1.5 mm thermal pad, or soft and squishy 2 mm, but that's a theoretical assumption and if you're scoring a non-reference design it may be anything at all from 0.5 to 3 mm. 


thank you for replying. I have no temperature problem but I would like to know the thickness that was used for the thermal pads on the vrm and vram. Thank you