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Journeyman III

rx 6900 xt red devil

Hi,  just brought the red devil, few things. been playing warzone and noticed when in the menu before i launch a game the fans ramp up and it sounds like a jet is taking off, had gpuz running and the hotspot hit 97c. when i launch the game fans slow down. is this normal? its my first amd gpu. Also while in game i'm getting frame drops all the time. is there a fix or am i going back to nvidia?


i7 4790k @4.6. mobo asus maximus vii formula, 32GB vengeance ddr3 2600 4x8, samsung  850 ssd 500GB, wd black HDD x2 4 TB, corsair ax760. lg c1.


Please don't tell me its a bottle neck, im playing at 4k 120 fps and ran fine on my 2080ti. only reason i brought it was for the new tv needing hdmi 2.1 so i can get 10 bit 4k hdr 120 fps.

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Adept III

beautiful card... and yes its a bottleneck... I tested on 2600x you need PCIE4 to get that last 30% of performance... it makes a big difference.


So 2080ti works fine no bottle neck yet with a more powerful gpu the game is now unplayable... makes sense 


also it's not low fps, the frames drop/ stutter 


If you're going to ante up for that much gpu the rest of your system has to be of the same caliber.  I'm running a 3900x and it smokes my old 4790k that is exactly as the others have described....your bottleneck.  I wouldn't even think about trying to use an ancient system like that to drive a modern gpu.

Get a modest x570 mb with at least a 5800x with a minimum of 16gb of ddr4 3600 ram and you will see the performance you seek.


playing at 4k bottle necks the gpu. doing a quick search i can link you to some guy on youtube using  a 4790k and a 3090 at 4k and surprise me it works fine. also ive found several forums where people are having the same problem as me with 10th and 11th gen i9's. are they bottle necked also. 


ive tried doom and fallout 4 and both start fine, get in game and i get black screen and pc restarts.


just checked the gpu utilization with warzone on the amd software. 99%... 141 fps average... bottle neck...

Adept I


I have a 6800 Red Dragon. When the game starts my fans ramp up in exactly the way you say. I have modified the fan profiles a lot but they still start off that way and then settle down.

I have a 4690k and get 20 to 45fps on a reverb gen2 in MSFS with most settings on high so I don't think you are bottlenecked any more than i am. Most of the time the GPU is pegged at 95% to 98% and the cpu runs around 60% to 70%. If I lower the settings a bit the frame rate goes up until I get to the point where the cpu is holding it back. At the settings I prefer the GPU is definitely the limiting factor for me.

How old is your psu. When I first got my red dragon it would crash the system as soon as I turned on VR in MSFS. I had a 750w power supply. I changed the power supply to a new corsair 850w and those crashes have disappeared. If my Red Dragon 6800 would not work with a 750w psu then I can't see your 6900XT working with one.

I still ctd in MSFS all of the time but I think that is MSFS not the gpu. DCS IL2  Half Life Alyx all work perfectly at high settings.