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Journeyman III

RX 6900 XT Huge performance issues



I just switched my GPU from a RTX 2060 to a RX 6900 XT and I'm facing very poor performances.

I can't go over 130 FPS in warzone in 1080p and not even 80 FPS in Fortnite (with all settings to max)

The GPU is coupled with an Intel i9-9900K and 32 Go RAM, and the PSU is a Cooler Master MWE 850W

I'm on windows 11 and the system is up to date.


I already tested to remove old drivers with DDU and install manually the latest one from AMD, I even tested to download an older driver to test if the latest has stability issues.

I've followed several tutorials to put the best settings on AMD Adrenalin...


In some games, for instace Modern Warfare alone, I can reach 160-170 but even with that I'm facing regular drops making the game just not playable.

It's getting really frustrating, can someone please provide help ? 




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Your CPU sounds like a bottleneck, but just in case...

Do a clean install of Windows and drivers.

Check your temperatures and clockspeeds

Try running with less detail (but same resolution), does this remarkably increase fps?