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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

RX 6800XT frame/chopping issue

I recently bought a brand new gaming PC and im having difficulties with it specifically with the gpu it seems. First off ehre are the specs on my build

core i9-12900k 16 core
radeon rx 6800-xt 16gb
corsair vengeance 4x8gb ram
asus tuf gaming z690-plus
850W certified gold power supply
windows 11

So the first slew of issues I had was when I plugged in both of my monitors one was plugged in via hdmi and the other via display 1.4. The one plugged in hdmi would blip and make a zapping sound occasionally and once even green screened on me. I went to best buy and picked up a display port 1.4 adapter for that monitor and now both work just fine.

The next issue I am encountering is if I am playing a game on my right screen and decided to load anything on my left screen that uses graphics (amv, movie, netflix, etc) my fps drops to the point where my game starts chopping and skipping multiple sets of frames.

Is this the sign of a bad gpu? or is this fixable somehow? I am not super tech literate but i know a decent amount.

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