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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT Usual AMD Driver issues! wooo

Hey, I use a Valve Index and I also had a 2080 ti prior to swapping to AMD. 
I'm having an horrendous issue after making the change, with VR.

Using room-scale VR you have borders appear when you get near them and when that occurs VR freezes suddenly than resumes. Id done clean installs of drivers, reinstalling Steam VR, games etc. To test this I can just stand still and games will work perfectly fine but when the boundaries appear, the fps drops start occurring. Typically doing room-scale calibration will fix this but only for say 20 minutes or so.

I believe this to be a driver issue with the GPU above all else.

Many games run great, outside of VR except a few will have stuttering like Warzone as an example...Every great "leap" in technology I give AMD a try and have been disappointed, likely going to make the swap back to the green team.

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