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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT Black Screen Issue with Adrenalin GPU Tuning

System Information:

  • GPU: Gigabyte RX 6800 XT
  • Driver Version: Adrenalin 23.12.1
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3600MHz (2x8GB) + G.Skill Trident Z 3600MHz (2x8GB)
  • Motherboard: Aorus B550 Master
  • PSU: Gigabyte 750W

Issue Summary: Encountering black screen problems during GPU-intensive tasks when the Max Frequency in Adrenalin GPU Tuning is set above 1900 MHz.

Troubleshooting Details:

  • Lower Performance Settings: Max Frequency at 1800 MHz (stable), Cinebench Score: 8500+
  • Higher Performance Settings: Max Frequency at 2400 MHz (causes black screen), Cinebench Score: 9500+
  • No error messages displayed; screen goes black.
  • Correlation between black screen and increasing Max Frequency.

Attempted Solutions:

  • Updated GPU drivers to Adrenalin 23.12.1.
  • Checked connections and reseated the GPU.
  • Monitored temperatures (within normal range).
  • Disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome and Discord.
  • Disabled MPO (Multi-Plane Overlay).
  • Recently reformatted the PC.

Request for Assistance: Despite attempted solutions, the black screen issue persists. Seeking insights, recommendations, or alternative solutions from the community. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with RX 6800 XT?




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what model Gigabyte 750wtt PSU?

ThreeDee PC specs

GP-P750GM 80 Plus Gold

0 Likes  ..I think your PSU is on the "Replace immediately" list?

I'd be running an 850wtt 80+ Gold or better rated PSU with a 6800XT anyways .. but something to consider either way

ThreeDee PC specs

Do you have two seperate main 8 pin PCI-E power cables feeding power to the GPU from the PSU because it sounds like it may be power limited since max frequency is causing it to malfunction


Yes, they're separate. I also went ahead and re-plugged the cables and switched slots in the PSU.

Journeyman III

I've made some additional attempts to address the black screen issue:

  1. Reapplying Thermal Paste and GPU Holder: Today, I reapplied thermal paste to both the CPU and GPU, and I added a GPU holder to ensure proper seating. Unfortunately, the problem persists even after a more thorough retuning, with the max frequency set between 1800-1900 MHz.


Try unplugging all unnecessary peripherals particularly geared towards reducing the load on the PSU ie extra storage drives etc and see if the GPU core gains any speed before it black screens. This would indicate a sagging 12Volt source from the PSU. You might also monitor GPU power via Adrenaline software to see how much power is being delivered to the gpu core via the mosfet phases as it may indicate a malfunction in one of the mosfets or chokes responsible for power delivery. Other than those two checks I can't offer any other tips that might help discover the issue. Northwest repair This guy really does some amazing work troubleshooting and repairing GPUs but he's a bit of a team green guy.