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Journeyman III

Rx 6800 crash to desktop only in games


about six months ago I built a new gaming pc with the XFX RX 6800 swift, but since then I'm having this particular issue. The card can't work on default core clock (which is on boost 2105mhz) and keeps crashing to desktop with the driver restored message. The only way to maintain it stable and play games is to lower the core frequency between 1850 -1900 mhz.

In the event log, the system address this problem with the same warning message: "Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has successfully recovered" with id 4101.

I tried all the known solutions:

- installing different drivers with and without di adrenaline software

- tried to game with direct x 12 and 11

- raised and lowered gpu voltage and power limit

- upgrading the psu with a brand new Cooler master 850w gold

- the gpu is connected with two separated pcie cables

- mobo bios is up to date

- tried to switch on and off the XMP and the resizable bar

Now the funny part, the gpu works perfectly in benchmarks and stress test. I tried Furmark and Kombustor for 30 minutes with 0 artifacts and good temp. (about 75° degrees)

Then, I tried to launch the Kombustor stress test via Msi afterburner, and with it running I launched Dead Island 2 ( which crash every time on the main menu...) It worked without any problems!!! When in game I can close the Stress test and play for hours at stock clock.

This issue is driving me crazy, can it be a faulty component on the card or is driver related? Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated. Here are my specs:


- Asrock H670 Pg riptide

- I5-12400f

- G.skill Ripjaws 3600mhz 16gb XMP on

- XFX RX6800 swift

- corsair p1 nvme 1tb

- psu cooler master mwe 850 gold v2

- wifi intel m2


- Windows 11 pro activated - every thing up to date

- adrenaline driver 23.5.1 driver only install

- msi afterburner and riva tuner

Have a nice day!

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