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RX 6700XT Smoking and PC died

Long story short, I just got my gpu today and while using it for 2 hours i noticed a noise so I looked and saw my gpu smoking and then right away my pc turned off and  now it will not turn back on. I have done investigating such as looking at my plugs, Mobo for damage, and any other obvious answer, there is no shorts as far as I can see. 


Ryzen 5 3600 base clock

RX 6700XT AMD reference

Asrock B450 Pro4 

970 EVO plus

WD Blue ssd

WD Blue 1tb HDD

16 GB T-Force Delta


I just pray i can get replacements for my parts, i hear stories on how long it CAN take and that just scares me. Anyways, hopefully i can find some help, I've submitted all my warranty claims so hopefully it works out.


- Zach

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What was it smoking?
B&H black? 
Put it on Silk Cut light.

If your GPU was really burning just RMA it immediately.

If not then try this:



Were you running an Nvidia GPU previously?


Yes I was.


If the GPU Card was actually smoking and the computer shut off seems to indicate that both, at least, the GPU and possibly the Motherboard are damaged by the shorted or overheated GPU card.

Did the smoke come from the GPU's fans overheating or shorting out. Did the GPU Card PCB Board looked burnt or discolored anywhere on it?

If the GPU card shorted out than possibly the CPU also since the CPU controls the first PCIex16 lane of the motherboard.

To eliminate the Motherboard and CPU I would try and install it on another computer if possible. At least the CPU to make sure the processor wasn't damaged by the shorted GPU Card.

You can try and install a previous GPU card and see if the computer boots up with video or not without installing any VGA Driver.

This will eliminate the MoBo and CPU as being damaged.



Will do, sadly I have no other Pc to try it on but as far as damage their is none. Just smell. And the smoke came from the left side of the gpu and if I smell it, it’s just the left fan and not the right. 


Run DDU like I described in the link above and and remove any traces of previous Nvidia drivers.
I hit a problem with RX 5700XT before where powered down, I removed an Nvidia GPU replaced it with a RX5700XT I was testing. 
On boot up the GPU ran really hot, and I got no video output. 

I am not 100% sure what went wrong, but DDU to remove previous Nvidia drivers fixed it. 


I wish I could but sadly my whole pc is shot, and I can’t turn it back on. I went to all my product warranty pages to try and get a claim.

Go to page 27 of this:

Reset the BIOS using Clear CMOS jumper. 

Then see if that will restart the PC o.k. 



Update! I tried turning my pc on without the gpu and it runs! Everything is working fine. So at least I know I just need a replacement card. 

Either the fan overheated and damaged your PCB Board of the GPU card or the PCB board damaged the fan. Either way your GPU Card needs to be RMAed if still under Warranty.

Good thing when the GPU Card went bad it didn't damage the Motherboard or CPU in the process.

Who is the manufacturer of the GPU Card? AMD or a 3rd party manufacturer like MSI or XFX or Sapphire?

By the way good troubleshooting on your part.


It’s the AMD reference card. Bought straight from AMD. 


Here is where you can open a AMD Warranty Request to have your GPU card RMAed:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

Good luck and hopefully it won't take a long time to get a replacement.


I called amd Santa Clara ( I live in California) and they said it would take around 1 week once the process gets going. Hopefully all goes well