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Adept I

RX 6700 XT stutter/crash/restart

I have no idea why this is happening. Every time I turn on cs2 there is a stutter and after a while the screen goes black and the computer resets. Restarts also occur in other games (Dota2, Witcher3).


I am playing on a configuration:

5700X (stock or PBO no matter) on MSI Tomahawk B550 

Asrock RX 6700 XT Challenger Pro 12GB OC (latest drivers from AMD website but I also tried PRO version but no improvement) stock/UV/OC no matter always same thing. Runs super cool  (<85°C in stress)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (3600mhz but on stock clocks)

Seasonic Gold GX-750W

Its new build and all drivers are up to date, bios updated.

I know its nothing special but for a game like cs2 should be overkill

Check out what playing cs2 (fps max 60) is like:

I had a similar experience playing on 12-year-old HD6850... It's just insane and wrong. 
I've always been in the red team but srsly...

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Adept I

Oke, after 1 year experiencing same problem check my thread Re: RX6700XT, Black Screen on Main Display, Green ... - AMD Community

finally i got my fix, try this:

How to Use the Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.3 (

and instead using recommended setting, use the max voltage setting on the calculator.


Honestly, it's rather wrong that I have to mess with memory voltages/clocks so I can use parts that should work out of the box....


nothing works out of the box for AMD man

Adept I

what were the hotspot temperatures of your 6700xt before such problems?
"Runs super cool (<85°C in stress)" is ok, but I have seen many people with problems at hotspots, above 105ºC, including me with a 6750xt, and this suggests to me premature wear on the internal components of the GPU


Hi there. 6700xt here.

Mine runs at 60 (hotspot) most of the time while playing Destiny 2. I have most things set at highest and render at 140% (in game). Those are my settings.


Also, the power tuning is turned on, set at 15%. Hopefully that helps! Oh, the version of Adrenalin I'm currently using is the 24.2.1 (BETA!).

Have a nice day! Regards - Kahlimdor -


Adept I

That's the temperature of the hot spot