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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT random graphical flickering and black screens

Updated to latest drivers and this issue persists. My PC is two months old, all new hardware and this issue has been happening since I logged into Windows 10 for the first time. Two months of trying to fix this with the help of multiple IT people and nothing. Seems several people are having this issue alongside me from what I've been reading. Same symptoms. It always seems to happen outside of games when I'm video editing or browsing the Internet. Windows randomly turn black especially when they're layered over each other or being minimized/maximized. Taskbar becomes empty and has random color pixels all over it. The entire display goes black every so often.

I guess I'm just wondering if AMD is aware of this issue at all or if it's going to be fixed?

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Adept I


I have the Asus Rog Strix Rx6700xt also for about 3-4 months and have since the purchase of the graphic card EXACTLY the same problem that in Deksktop mode the screen briefly goes black and black squares. On Windows 10 this was a bit worse, there are the black squares after the flickering still there until I minimized the folders / programs and opened again. On Windows 11, the problem is still there, but without black box formation but only short black flickering in the desktop....

I had paid 1100€ for this card and already tried any possibilities, however the problem is still present.

What was tried?

- Graphics card driver with DDU reinstalled several times
- Tried different graphic card drivers
- Tried power supply with different PCIE cables
-Tried different outputs (HDMI/DP)
- Connected other monitors
- Windows reset several times

I don't know what to do anymore and am very desperate. As a student you don't just have 1300€ for a new graphics card. With my Rx5700xt I had NO problems before...

Can anyone tell me what the error could be? Is this a fault of ASUS or Windows or AMD drivers?

Hi there,
have you found a solution in the meantime? I have the same problem with my new graphics card, also a 6700 XT.


Hello, unfortunately it didn't work. It is also independent of the monitor or cable used

Journeyman III

Its driver version 22.8.2 and still no fix. I will never ever buy an amd product again and never recommend one either.


Mine just started doing it as of today. XFX 309 6700XT. 

The good news is we all have different 6700xt's that are doing this, meaning it doesn't seem to be exclusive to just one manufacturer, which gives a good chance it's fixable with software. 

The bad news is it's AMD, so we could get a fix next week, or next year, or never, and we'll never know.