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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT Memory clock stuck at 0Mhz

Dear Community,

In october (after 3 months of using my brand new computer) I suddenly started having a problem with my:

AMD Gigabyte Radeon RX 6700 XT EAGLE 12GB GDDR6

I noticed that sometimes cooling fans start to work when using just a browser and YT, which had never happened before. It was caused by temperature going above 55 degrees celsius. They would work for around 10s cooling GPU down to 47 degrees and then turn off for around 10 minutes untill temperature is 55 again. I temporarily solved the problem with turning on cooling fans at any temperature in Gigabyte Control Center.

However, recently I looked into more values displayed in AMD Adrenalin and noticed that this random overheating is corelated with Memory clock stuck at 0 Mhz. Otherwise, usually everything works fine and temperatures are kept around 45 degrees while Memory clock 30-100 Mhz (spiking up and down). This occurs randomly, out of nowhere but aside from overheating, everything seems to work fine.

What is more interesting I discovered that turning monitor OFF and then ON solves the problem for some time and Memory clock comes back to normal values.

I thought that windows monitor sleep mode could be responsible for putting GPU in this state so I turned it OFF, but the problem happened again anyway.

Also in october, which may be related, my motherboard (gigabyte gaming x v2) started sounding LONG BEEP followed by 2 SHORT ONES during startup indicating problem with GPU/RAM. But with my recent findings I also discovered that it is dependent on the monitor being turned OFF. If I turn monitor ON and then start the computer, I get 1 SHORT beep as it should be.

I use the newest version of AMD Adrenalin driver from 11 of january.

I did:

-CMOS and UEFI reset

-reinserted GPU and it's power supply

-reattached DP cabel which is connecting monitor directly with GPU

-reinstalled Windows 11 which automatically includes reinstalling drivers


It is really annoying and concerning, especially while using brand new components and software.

I hope someone can help me find a solution to this problem. I would be grateful.

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