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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT Glitches and Artifacts



I purchased a new RX 6700 XT from AMD's Website and got it now for around a week. The problem is that I get weird artifacts and glitches in almost every Game. See example picture, there's a flash of that artifact in multiple games just for half a second, it's just more often in AC games for some reason. It gets worse when  I lower the max frequency. Now my question is if that is a driver issue that other people have too or if it is a faulty card and I should RMA.


Example image:


What I tried with no success:


  • Changing PSU
  • Powering it with one and two cables from the PSU
  • Setting Ram to Stock
  • Putting it in a different PC
  • Using a different cable to the monitor
  • Using a different monitor
  • Installing different driver versions all with DDU in safe mode beforehand
  • Resetting Bios
  • Reinstalling Windows


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Try disabling all the functions in the adrenaline driver. And check the fresh bios of your video card, maybe there is already a new one(GPU-Z) Most likely a marriage.


This start to get FREAKING enjoying. I bought this card 2 months ago and i am playing Prepar3D V5.. 

Well the problem here is that i got White,red,blue lines on my screen that comes from the RX 6700XT CARD. I have emailed AMD TWICE about this problem and still AMD blame LM for this...This problem is only ON AMD CARD none of NVIDIA cards have this problem... i have tried with a RTX 3080,3090 and 3070 card and none of dem get this issue... Can you guys please wake up and do something about IT..I cant play my favorit game because of this issue. 

Sometimes the screen is flickering without doing something... I ask again can the people inside AMD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM

I don't think AMD has any support at all.
I also bought a graphics card (RX 6750 XT) from AMD and have the same problems (horizontal flashes at airports) with the flight simulator Prepar3D V5.3.
NVIDIA cards definitely don't have this problem.
So, a very clear problem either with the AMD cards or with the AMD-supplied drivers.
Since this problem still exists with the current driver (23.3.2), there is obviously nobody at AMD who is able to deal with it.