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RX 6600 Memory Clock stuck at 0 Mhz

Hello, I have an RX 6600 and sometimes the memory clock goes to 0 Mhz and it stays there until I either start/resume a game. This becomes annoying when it happens after I alt tab because when I return to the game it freezes for about two seconds before it goes back to normal.

The only workaround I've found has been to force the memory clock to be maxed out by either disabling Freesync or connecting another monitor but I don't like this because the temps get a little bit high.

It happens randomly, sometimes it only takes 5 seconds to be out of a game via alt tab or does not happen at all.

As you can see on the images AMD Adrenaline detects it as 0 Mhz but HWInfo grays out the whole sensor.

Is there any fix to this? I would appreciate any info.

VRAM 1.pngVRAM 2.png

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Volunteer Moderator

I had this problem in one game, A Plague Tale: Requiem, I just used the key combination, "CTRL, L-SHIFT, WIN, B" and it restarted the driver and my memory clock went back to normal. I have not had this problem since that game released, however.

My GPU Memory Clock does gray out in HWinfo64, but I don't experience any performance issues when Alt-Tabbing. You could try drivers that previously worked properly or Updated drivers if you aren't already running them.

I would uninstall old drivers with DDU or AMD Cleanup Utility, and reinstall the latest drivers if you haven't already. If this doesn't resolve the performance issues, you could always try older drivers. Whatever you choose to do, it would help the driver team, to first use the bug report tool in Adrenalin, giving them as much information about your PC and what you are doing when you experience this bug as possible. 

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