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Journeyman III

RX 6600 crashes in games

Around 5 Months ago I got an RX 6600 in Gigabytes Eagle edition. The card arrived perfectly fine and there were no issues setting it up. For the first few weeks it ran perfectly fine no issues with heat fps drops crashes whatsoever. After playing minecraft with a shader the game started randomly crashing in any game after a few minutes max. In most benchmarks like furmark or cinebench it performed just fine without crashing even once. The only benchmark where the same issue arises as in games was 3d mark time spy where it crashed after around a minute in or so. I have tried everything reaching from reinstalling windows entirely to changing the pciex slot the card sat in on my mainboard. Of course i have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver as well but the issue just wont stop reappearing.

the rest of my specs are:

cpu: ryzen 5 3600

mainboard: gigabyte aorus a520 elite

ram: 16 gb crucial ballistix in a2 and b2

psu: be quiet system power 9 700w

ssd: intenso 256 gb

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Did the issue start after a GPU driver or Windows update? Try uninstalling your current GPU drivers with DDU / AMD Cleanup Utility and reinstalling an older version like 23.12.1 or 23.11.x (there have been many reports here of issues with 24.x.x.


Disable XMP / EXPO and verify your RAM is good with MemTest86 (will take a couple hours to run).


Latest AMD chipset drivers installed from AMD.