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Journeyman III

RX 6600 Crashes In Games While Chromium Based Apps Working In Background


While a chromium based app is working in the background such as Steam, Discord, a web browser (in this case Brave) if i launch Apex Legends it crashes the Radeon Software. r5apex_MoZWJ2DGYx.png

I tried:


- Bios update

- Multiple Radeon drivers

- Disabling hardware acc for my browser and Discord

- Reinstalling game


I get crashes on most of the games. It doesn't matter if the game is hardware demanding or it's just a Don't Starve Together. If i open a media like a Twitch stream in my browser any game crashes my drivers. I have this problem since i bought this pc.


I have:
Asus Dual RX 6600

Ryzen 5 5500 with stock fan and underclocked for better temps

Asus Tuf Gamin B450M-Plus II

Corsair Vengance 8x2 3200 Mhz overclocked to 3600Mhz

Thermaltake Smart BX1 650W 


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