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Adept I

RX 6500 XT Monitor random signal loss

Ever since I first installed this card, Sapphire Pulse RX6500XT, it will boot to Windows but then randomly lose signal to the monitor so I get the No signal error on screen. Sometimes it could be a few minutes or sometimes up to hour but it will always happen. It usually happens when web browsing or watching a video. When the no signal happens the only way to get the system working again is to reboot the computer. It happens with both HDMI and Displayport. I don't have this problem with my old card (RX 470 4GB) which I am currently using. I have tried Adrenalin 22.3.2 (Also tried 22.3.1).

What leads me to believe that it could be related to the VBIOS is that so many other people from the MSI forum had a very similar issue to what I'm having even though it's another RX 6000 series card which you can find below. It's a very long thread but it was a vbios update in the end that mostly fixed it.

The Motherboard I'm using is MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK with a Ryzen 5600X CPU.

Power supply is EVGA GQ 650w

Monitor is Acer KG271A

Does anyone else have this same problem with this card or a similar RX 6000 series card?

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Journeyman III

same issue  different mobo  (Gigabyte a320).  Sapphire pulse 6500 xt 

windows is disabling the graphic card drivers and the screen goes black. i need to do a hard reset and then enable again de drivers.



@OSEHI found solution that will lessen frequency of this problem. The problem GPU boost more than 2,9 Ghz - overclock by default.

Look at this: Link state power management bug  I recommend to turn it off.

It also corrupt image(you need to reconnect display or reboot to fix them) when you play video or use browser. Also control junction temperature if it high then more chance that you will get signal loss or artifacts.




I've tried disabling Link state power management before but it doesn't seem to work for me, I still was getting the random signal loss.

I may try the junction temperature control next time as I've gone back to using my old RX 470 for now.

How much did it help you? how often do you get the random signal loss now compared to before?



I found solution for my case. I exchanged HDMI cable to more short one and higher quality.

No signal loss for now. Also I contacted Sapphire they recommended to check Bios settings, PSU (I done that with another one), CPU placement|dirt at pins, RAM for errors (eject one module and down clock to 2400, then set xmp defaults) also clean pins with rubber. Check Windows Journal for WHEA events.

Last one - check if your cable placed into both monitor and GPU port reliably-fixedly. Try to reverse cable.

All of this does not fix ASPM halt if maximum energy saving turned on.

That's interesting that a different HDMI cable helped. How is it running so far? is it still stable or has the signal loss continued to happen?

Also what monitor are you using with the RX65000XT?



I use simple monitor ACER V226HQL.

After replacing the cable for a day did not see the problem.

I played games where Junction heated to 86 degree for few hours. Tested with 4 games, with Video played at background.


Due to your suggestion I decided to get a new HDMI cable as well. It's a also a high quality HDMI 2.1 so it should work better. It will be delivered tomorrow so once it arrives I'll test the card again and see if it fixes the signal loss issue.


Just a quick update to say that I tested the new Club 3D HDMI 2.1 cable that I bought but unfortunately it hasn't made any difference. I'm still getting the random signal loss. It must be a faulty card.


@OSEHI never saw such problems with GPU from NVIDIA and AMD GPU's before GCN.

It maybe some incompatibility issue. Those GPU's have too much issues at start.

Sadly "fast release > quality release" because if not then your competitor earn more money.

Journeyman III

I don't know this will work for you, but this method works well for me!

Maybe you have to check your electricity in your house/apartment/boarding house or anything.

my house doesn't have stable voltage electricity, so when the voltage goes down, my display is off (no signal) instantly. 

I check my PSU and then I realize that the PSU doesn't have enough input voltage. My PSU only handles 220v only, so when the voltage goes down the PSU cannot power the GPU. I change my PSU then, and works well!

Maybe you have to check the voltage from your house and if your house don't have a stable voltage, maybe you can try another PSU that has variable voltage, for example (100v ~ 240v). So the PSU can handle unstable voltage electricity. 

my rig:

rx 6500 xt sapphire | i3 1200-f | 16gb ram


@yafiasyam94that can be true. It is better to replace bad PSU that can't stabilize voltages for gpu.

Not only you can damage new GPU with such PSU, but whole PC.


Yes. Thats correct! I suggest replacing the PSU which has a lot of protection. Such as OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), and much more.

Or buy UPS instead, this will safe the PC mush longer because UPS have stabilizer in it. 

And can try to change the PSU by borrows from friends. Use it and test a couple of days with idle mode.

Journeyman III

Still no update on this issue? Still having this issue at present. 


After replacing cable and PSU I did not see random no signal.

Not so long ago I have seen this issue when my family used defected device that have burned out contacts inside. It caused noise in to electricity circuit and every time it was used there was no signal at screen. I confirmed this by repeating many time, then repaired that device and added simple LC-filter with varistor and fuse to circuit at that device.

Why are you struggling? RMA this device(GPU) and buy something else.


In the end I gave up on the RX 6500XT and returned it back as I tried everything that I could but nothing worked. I replaced it with a new RX 6600 from Gigabyte and it works perfectly.

@OSEH It is not you who gave up. You did right choice.

Journeyman III

In case someone still has this problem here is the fix that worked for me:

On AMD Adrenalin go to Performance -> Tuning -> GPU Tuning Enabled -> Advanced control Enabled -> 

Max Frequency (2600) and apply settings.

Everytime you receive the notification saying that wattman settings have been restored, do it all again.

Adept I

I have this same problem, October 13th 2023 with an AMD 6700 XT from Sapphire. I NEVER had this issue throughout the 9 years of service of my previous GTX 970, and I already have had this happen twice in less than a month since installing it. I guess it's back to team green.